I remember we liked to sneak in the guinea pig cage.

Here I am in a crib

Me and my bro in our box!

PS these were taken when we were kittens!

Hi I'm Pixie
and I just had a photoshoot!

But I left in the middle of it.........


ps happy 1st day of October!!!!

Hello this is Goldie speaking and today I wanted to talk about Flower Crowns!

(daa da daaaaa)

I little while back the Wee lass  decided it would be (cute) if we wore a flower crown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixie- I was soooo uncomfortable it felt like my ear was falling off

Banshee- I felt paralyzed.  I could not move, I could not meow, or or or EAT!!!!

So thats our stories and Peace Out Goldie Guys!!

That's my new thing


ps no cats were hurt in the making of this😺

WOW! What's this!

That's a sun decoration Pixie.

I WANT TO KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!

My food?

No pixie confetti.


What's the theme?


An inside tree for me!
Does it come with inside birds as well?

No birds?

That's fine. Banshee and I showed this confetti who's boss!

Named Monster

Wow! Canada is 150 years old today!  That's 150x my age!

As you can see I have a maple leaf coat on to celebrate!

And it is not just a piece of paper taped to my harness.

So that's all, Happy Canada Day!


And welcome to Pixie's talk show where Pixie tells you about some freaky stuff

 For todays show I will tell you something about me!

I don’t think it’s relevant but two against one.

I had a habit that might scare some kittens so just know you’ve been warned!

I have eaten tape twice before but the PM always takes it away. :(

The reason why is because the flavour of the glue spread out on the bristles of my tongue is 
something I can't explain and the crunch it is what I think Doritos are like.

So that’s it for today, till next time! Pix out!




Well I... I... think that is a squirrel

 Wait whats that..... A groundhog. 


Monday, February 27, 2017

5 Meows



I've been haunted for days by the feeling that something has been watching me...

Today I discovered what. This creature the Wee Lass calls it Furby.

Look, it's always watching me!

Sometimes I imagine that it just disappears.
Any suggestions on how to make that happen?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Meows

Ice Storm

Ice Storm

We were unable to post for the last week because our power went out from an ice storm!

Pixie, what did you do while the power was out?

Well a little of this a little of that.

What about you Banshee?

Dozing off in the sun.

What about you Goldie?

Um.... maybe a bit of yoga.

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