That had to be the longest weekend in history. The PM said I could blog today as a distraction was needed desperately.

Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. They buried Baby Kitty at the cottage with all *the cats who came before* so he is in good company. He was the first cat to have died young and without warning so that is why everyone is walking around still stunned. The PM is upset that she didn't pet him goodbye when they were over at the party last week. He was asleep in his favorite chair and she didn't want to wake him. Now she'll never be able to pet him again and she's sad about that. She must be trying to come to terms with that as she has been petting me and Shade so much there is furr flying everywhere. So always take the time to say goodbye to your furr friends as you never know when something might happen.

I have been trying to make myself useful this weekend so I have been busy eating flies. I am not allowed to eat the ladybugs, but they are too crunchy anyway.

I stalk them quietly. They are so stupid.

Bam!! I got em. Yum! Yum! Yum!

Sometimes I have to stretch to reach the real big ones. I am so good.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

16 Meows

Sad news

Sad news

This afternoon my friend, Baby Kitty, who I had introduced you guys to last week, ran out into the street and was killed.

The PM's sister and the wee cousin were out and saw it happen. They took him to the vet immediately but the injuries were too great. Everyone is devastated.

They lost the matriarch of the clan, Mimi, in January at 18 years old. I know she is waiting there to meet him and help him with his wings.

We'll probably take a couple of days off and be back to visit everyone next week sometime.

I have been staring out the window all day waiting for Them to come back. They went in town overnight for a wee-cousin's birthday party but I need them home.

Our new friend, Momo is sick and I need to talk. I am worried about her and hope she will be back to her old self soon. She is coming home from the vet today and hopefully she will gather her strength over the weekend.

They say it may have been a spider bite. That really freaked me out as I see spiders all over the place. Do we have those spiders here? What else could it have been? Momo was outside when they found her.

I really need some answers. Where the heck are they!!!!!!

Please purr for Momo.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

13 Meows

Middle Name Meme

Middle Name Meme

Whew! That was a hard one! I was stuck on that "n" for hours. I finally finished then I had a snooze in the sun the rest of the day.

OK, we were tagged by sweet Tesla for the middle name meme. Here are the rules:

1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.

2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name).

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)

I'll go first. The Music Man named we when I came here "Goldie Han Solo". Sort of a mix between Goldie Hawn and Han Solo.

H-Hunk of burnin' love~ well, that is pretty obvious.
A-Adventurous~ Foxes, deer, stork hunting,crazy carpets...
N-Nuiscance~ That may seem like a bad thing, but to me it is a fine art that I am constantly reworking. My nuisance acts that are a big hit recently are when I want to go out and no one's moving quick enough. I scratch the steel door with slow steady scratches- scratch-scratch-scratch-scratch. It gets REALLY annoying quick. Also I have taken to digging in the PM's shoes. No one lets me out- dig, dig, dig, dig. At first it was kind of funny, they'd laugh and laugh then the laughter turns to irritation and then I rejoice at knowing I have again won.

Shade's is really part of a song the PM used to sing to her before the weeones and I came. She doesn't sing it too much anymore and I think that may be a good thing. She'd pretend she was an Opera singer and sing about "Shadalena, Petravena". I know... screws loose somewhere.

P-Pro pouncer~ I can squish a grasshopper like nobody's business.
E-Extremely energetic- Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
T-Tremendously stubborn~ I can be like a lump of immovable lead if I want to be.
R-Really good sense of humor~ see "E" above.
A-Attentive~ always keeping watch over sick beans.
V-Voluptuous ~ yes, I may have a little junk in the trunk but I carry it well.
E-Eclectic tastes~ Soapy water, ska music, historical romance novels, certain cedar trees
N-Nail-less~ *sigh*- the wee-est one says that my front claws died.
A-Adaptable~ When I joined this family there was just the Music Man and the PM. Since then I have let a wee one, a floofy apricot idiot AND another wee one live with us. I think that's pretty generous of me.

There we go! I think most of you felines have done this meme but if you haven't, consider yourselves tagged. It is really rather fun but it did give me a headache.

Good Morning all my furr friends! I am lovin' having Tuesdays for myself.

I am going to introduce you to my cousin from the city. This is Baby Kitty and I have to say, I was gobsmacked when I first say him, he really is that gorgeous. Nice and floofy, beautiful shade of grey and his eyes are rimmed in black, like he is wearing khol.

The PM's brother in law found him when he was just a tiny kitten under his truck at work. He was totally covered in black oil. They thought someone had threw him in a container of oil but he got out. We'll never know. I'd like to think it was an accident. So he brought him to The Nanny and she and the PM's sister washed and washed and washed him in dish soap to get rid of the oil. They didn't think he was going to make it as he looked really bad and he was pooping black stuff.

It took a while but he did pull through and got better. He is about 7 years old now and a real character, a tad wild. He goes out on a harness as they live downtown and he is always climbing trees and getting stuck. You also have to watch the door like a hawk when you go to their house as he tries to escape all the time. He suceeds a couple of times a week and is gone for hours. He comes home with his fur wet around his neck, smelling like wet dog. I'd love to see where he goes.

I'll introduce you sometime to his brother, Sister. Now that's another story all together.

Tomorrow Goldie will post his meme. He has been stuck on a letter in his middle name. He has three letters and it takes him days, I have 9 and I was done in 10 minutes.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

17 Meows

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

The beans are going away for Easter. The wee ones are a bit better, PM still sick but they'll be someone else's worry for the weekend.

As you can see, the Easter Bunny will be needing a guide though this area. I am off to gather my maps and wax my cross country skis. He better not be a wimp or I may have to use some strategic biteys to keep him focused.

Well I have to explain some things first. The PM was planning a little party for Shade last week but that kind of was forgotten. The Music Man was really sick last weeeknd, then the PM got it Tuesday, one wee-one got it Wed and the other came down with it yesterday. Nothing really has been done around here but laundry from all the yakkin'. The PM realized in the middle of the night that she had missed Shade's Gotcha Day.

She hauled her sorry sick butt out of bed early to help me do this for Shade.

Shade has been a part of this family for 8 years and she was 1 when they got her so she is now 9 years old!! Not lookin' too bad for an old bird.

The PM was trying to think of some funny story from when Shade came but that will have to come later as her brain really is mush this morning.

She did find this photo of Shade from over five years ago. Remember these times Shade? This was life before any wee ones, before me and before they got a new wood stove. Shade would sleep right under the old one!

I also have a meme I wanted to work on but the PM is giving me the evil eye so I'll save that for tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

16 Meows

What the...?

What the...?

Can any of you fine felines hazard a guess as to why the PM put a woofie bum up on our wall?

I fear she's finally cracked.

Monday, March 17, 2008

25 Meows

A visit

A visit

WARNING~ the following may not be suitable for all felines, viewer discretion is advised

We had some visitors last evening, right outside our livingroom.

They were not very old, probably a crew from last summer. I know a lot of you have issues with the Vishus Deer. I don't really care for moose but I have never really had a need to fear the deer but then...

one of them turned on the lasers!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Just a tease

Just a tease

I gave my new sea gull toy a good goin' over yesterday but it just didn't feel right.

The whole process just got me revved up for wranglin' a real one.

I just have to say how freakin' sick of this blasted season I am.

Yes, I did pee on ice and try to cover it...in a wind storm.

I am in great spirits today! I get to blog, the sun is nice and bright, we got some awards and Shade bestowed on me some nice sisterly attention.

On to the awards. We got this one from Mr. Tigger and we are very excited to be seen as Excellent!

This next one comes from sweet Tesla who made this award herself! Daisy~ the fierce was the muse for this award and we are soooo happy that Tesla wanted to give it to us too. This award is for kitties who do a great job protecting their homes and beans from invaders. Could be lizard invaders, rodent invaders... We are going to pass on this award to Gandalf and Grayson for their fearless patrolling of that crazy squirrel!

To sweet Tesla, we would like to pass on the Excellence Award . She came up with the "Protecter" award herself while dealing with vets, lumps and big white collars. She always makes us laugh and has impeccable taste and outstanding beauty.

To finish off this great day, feast your eyes on a rare moment captured. Well actually two moments. Shade is outside in the Winter and she... kissed me. What a great big sis!

Phew! Finally we get to blog again! Blogger was not cooperating with us this weekend, it wouldn't upload any photos and we had a hard time leaving comments. It seems OK now. Goldie is mad as he feels he should be able to post today as he missed out ALL weekend but TOO BAD, it is Tuxie Tuesday.

Before this blogging business, I never really paid attention to how I look in photos. Well, I have been studying them recently and will post my findings and tips periodically.

Today is Tip #1.

When you are a slightly rotund cat, you need to be aware of your angles and find out what works best for you. The best idea is to stretch yourself as long as possible to give the illusion of thinness. This next shot is of me reclining on the PM during our relaxing time when the wee ones and Goldie are all in bed. Laying on something that is not flat is also good as you mould into the curves.

This next shot is a classic "taking a bath" shot and really should be avoided. I look like a ball and not in a cute way. Also I am propping my rump up with a pillow and a small toy spoon. This is also not very slimming. If you are going to lie on a uneven surface said surface has to be bigger than you. Finally, stay away from patterns as they bring too much attention to you. I should have been on the plain couch and not the crazy chair, with added plaid throw.

Hope this helps. Practice with a mirror if need be.

Well today is an extra busy day and I have tons to talk about.

We were tagged by our wonderful friend Lux for the "what's new with you meme" We already did it but thought we did it again as we have lots to share!

1. I have a new trick that I do with the PM when I want her attention. If she is bending over and I can reach, I put one paw on her rump and if she doesn't respond I stick a claw in. Very effective~ immediate response.

2. We were presented with the following award by our buddies Pearl, Bert and Jake. Thank you so much!!!! It is so fun having such great blog friends!

We are going to pass on this award to Ramses and Tigmut'hep because they are the reason for our news #3 and they are two brudders that RAWK!!!!!!

3. Our last new thing is so exciting but also very dangerous.

Yes, I have joined up with the hunt. I feel it is my duty to lend a paw and I love a good chase.

The PM rigged up this practice dummy for me equipped with a faux kitten and woofie. I am checking out the feet, looking for weak spots, planning how to best take it down. I know storks have longer legs but this is the best I could do. I have to go practice.

PM, what are you looking at? Oh, THOSE cats. I agree they are very floofy, funny and entertaining beyond belief but hey, look at what you have right here.

No, right HERE!

Keep your eyes focused over here!

Just a second, I have to tell you about a crazy dream I had.

Ouch the wee one just pulled my fur!

Have I told you how much I love you today?

(I knew that would get to her.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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Shade Tuesday

Shade Tuesday

Thank God that I am having Tuesdays to post as I'll will be using that time to set things straight and clear the air.

Yesterday Goldie went on about his snoopervising all weekend. Insinuating that I, big ol' Shade, was off sleeping or laying down to poop or something. As you can see, I was also snoopervising and doing a much better job at it. I am in the middle of the pile, looking all around. Goldie perched on the edge to appear like he was doing something but truth be told, he didn't even look at it.

Tiggie FOC had asked yesterday if Goldie was alright as he was simply lying by the box, not in it. You know why? Because it had too many THINGS in it, it was too rough on his paws. Really? How Mancatly does that sound? Maybe I'll have to get HIM on a regime of some sort, a mancat training bootcamp. Sooooo there, Goldie!!!!

It was a mostly quiet weekend over here. Another storm hit us dropping yet more snow- 18 inches this time. I am really, REALLY sick of the white stuff.

Shade did a first over the w/e by laying on the wee lass's lap. Shade was looking for a warm place to nestle but it looks like she was on the giving end of the heat, not the receiving end. Looks a tad grey seal like from the back.

The PM decided to go through a couple of boxes of homeschooling stuff as the wee lad will be starting kindergarten in the fall and she's a tad anal and is getting it all ready now. They are already doing home learning now so I don't think we needed such a disaster in the livingroom but she did it anyway.

I did my best to snoopervise.

The excitement...I mean worry...came at suppertime. The PM was sure the MM and the wee lad were going to stay at the in laws for another night as the storm had just ended, there was a wind warning out and both our driveway and road were not plowed. He decided to come home anyway, a two hr drive in GOOD weather. They were supposed to be home between 530 and 600 as it was dark at 6. I have never seen the PM so stressed. She looked like she was going to throw up any second. She was talking to us and the wee lass in a too high shaky voice. Shade and I were both on the kitchen table, while the wee one was eating and she didn't say anything.

At 620 she got a call from one of our neighbors, way down the road asking if the MM was out as someone was stuck in the snow. She said yes, with the wee lad! Well a tractor was sent to help and the MM ran home with the lad and went back to dig the car out. The poor little fella was upset and sooo cold. The road plow, the tractor and our regular plow guy showed up at the same time! We are lucky the car didn't get hurt at all with all the wind blowing and in the dark.

The night ended on a good note though. The PM went to bed with a strange looking hot red thing. I went to bed with her as I could tell she was still stressed and then I heard the craziest sound coming from under the covers. I thought her brain might have turned to mush after all but it was a *hot water bottle*. Have you ever been near one of them? Wow, pretty comfy cozy. For the first time ever, Shade and I both slept on the big bed, between the PM and MM with the water bottle. It was so warm we were almost poached!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

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Sassy Saturday

Sassy Saturday

The Music Man and the oldest wee one went away for the weekend, leaving the wee-est one and the PM here with us. They say it is a "boys weekend away" but I fear the little wee one just wants to stay for *poop patrol*.

I have been thinking and I want to do something nice for Shade. She has been pretty kind and supportive of me the last few months;only calling me "fool" if I reeeeeaaaalllly deserve it.

We have to go to the V.E.T. soon and I know she's a little concerned about getting on that scale. See it's in the waiting room and all the other pets try to sneak a peak at the numbers when you step on. Us Mancats want to be in those big double digits, power tripping and all but I know it causes stress in the ladycats. The PM has her on special food but I think we are in for a big lecture if Shade doesn't trim down a bit. Winter is a bad time too as Shade barely moves.

I have decided it is my mission to help her out and become her life coach, her trainer, her dietitian... whatever it takes. She'll really thank me for it I am sure. I am so excited!!

I am going to go do some "inspirational work" now. I better go find her.

Shade! What are you doing? Laying down to drink? Are you that lazy? That pathetic? I can't believe it! You are soooooo going to get in trouble at the V.E.T.

Shade~ Get that headband off your head and move out of my face or I'll take that clip board and....

Goldie (running)~Well that was a bust! I need some debriefing, a new strategy...a big nap.

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