Hi furriends! Things have been crazy busy over here at the Casa De Sumac.

The new computer is up and running but it now has two computers on it, the old and the new and the MM has to make it into one. Some things work in one part but not the other and the PM is confused. Also the photo program is different and the PM can't figure it out as quickly. Our internet is also acting up, slowing down to a turtle's pace for hours or shutting down. We've been waiting for over a week for it to be looked at.

They are painting the outside of the house now too and it is not pretty. The weather is not cooperating so this may end up being a Summer long project. The MM had the last 12 days off but they could only paint three of the days.

Needless to say, the folks have been a tad stressed but us felines are fine, relaxing the days away.

Goldie has been showing some signs of stress though.

Hope you all are having a relaxing Summer so far!!

Our new iMac is arriving today so gooood-bye to our ancient nine year old model.

You have served us well, dear Mac but we are happy to be having your rather large friend coming to stay.

The PM is stressed about the whole transition business but the MM says it'll be a snap.
We are going to post and visit our friends today just in case there are problems. Paws crossed.

We have had some Sumac TV changes this weekend and we are not happy.
First off, the wee lad's grass allergy is back and will be bothering him for the next six weeks or so. That means no more windows opened. None. Well, there are two open but they have these pollen catching fans in them. I tried to look through them but it's a no-go. I can still hear the birds, I guess.

Then we had some trouble with our feeders in the side yard and they had to be moved to the pergola out front. So that channel is gone.

This is the reason why the feeders had to be moved.

Yep, a rat has been eating the fallen seeds. The feeders were hanging close to the house where the weeds/grass/shrubs are huge so it was a little too secluded. The PM can't figure out how a big rat like that is hanging around with a fox family in the same yard!!

Then we noticed that one of the foxes has been eating fallen seeds too, these ones from the big bird feeder out front.

Yes, Miss Foxy! We are talking about you!!!

So the PM is going to stop filling the feeders for awhile. The birds have lots of wild food this time of the year.

I think I am just going to enjoy some long naps in the sun. At least we still have the beams!

Also, we wanted to pass on that the PM made a few things for the CB auction and they are up this week. There is a set of Disc-o-Nips included so go check it out. All proceeds go to help kitties in need, this week it is to help Miss Praline . Shipping is included to anywhere!

The PM normally has this chair covered but she has not put the blanket back on after we had visitors a couple of weekends ago.
I wish she'd leave it off as the chair is much better as is.

It makes a wonderful toy arena.

Goldie also likes how the blanket is put with his regular pile making him king of the castle!

Maybe I can start a petition.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

20 Meows



It has been so rainy and cool, we've taken to observing the greenery from here~

Not that Banshee ever got out anyway, she too cuckoo outside.

Remember this big egg thingy from a few weeks ago?

Well guess what came out? Not a dinosaur or a body snatcher.

It was a Cecropia moth! The largest moth in North America!
Isn't she a beauty?

You can get the scoop and more pics over at the PM's new blog, Verdant Wilds!

For more green fun check out The Society of Feline Gardeners!

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