Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas Wrap Up

We had some wacky Holiday weather the past few days!

A huge rain storm with quite damaging storm surges brought wet weather.
This is a eco-centre by our house on Christmas Eve. It has a 2km boardwalk and the surge ripped boards off like they were matchsticks!

The wee ones were upset that it was a green Christmas but it was pretty Christmas-y inside!

Then on Christmas Day they went down to the cottage to spend the day with the whole family. It is only an hour away but it was a gorgeous winter wonderland. Each tree was draped in a white coat. The sun was shining making everything sparkle.

Then on Boxing Day, The Nanny came to stay with us while the family went to Cape Breton to spend a few days with the MM's family. There it was green and stormy the whole time.

We have a new member in the extended family and she was there!

This is the puppy Hola!

Pretty cute. The wee ones loved her.

Then they came back home yesterday and saw we were now snow covered!
The PM is just glad to be home.

I am glad she is home too!

From our home to yours....

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays!!!!

Put your paws up and relax!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Woolly Wednesday

Woolly Wednesday

The PM had a Christmas Open House for her homeschooling group and they made these neat wreaths from recycled felted wool sweaters.

She cut out about 2000 inch squares.

Of course I had to check it out.

It felt DIVINE!!!!

I made a couple of batches of woolly biscuits!

Very relaxing.

This is a stressful time of year, if you can find a box of wool I suggest you give this a try!

Friday, December 17, 2010

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Out in the Snow

Out in the Snow

I used to run the fields outside all the time but add into the mix~ foxes, coyotes, bobcats and a cougar and I am now inside all the time. I go out in my harness but I tend to be nervous now. For some reason though I am not nervous at all when snows on the ground. The PM lets me go out with her in the Winter

She had been out all afternoon collected boughs and doing the outside decorating. I asked to go out and she said OK.

Good variety of greenery for inside.

Not a whole lot of snow, just a dusting really.

The wind smells crisp and delicious with woodsy aromas.

I give the cedar a look see.

I check out the pergola display.

Well done, PM, nothing too fancy. We are in the middle of the woods you know and I don't think the wildlife appreciate anything to garish.

A quick sniff around the bird feeder...

... and a whizz in the grass then it's back inside to warm up.

Last month the Grampie made us a new wood box. 

The one we had before was just an open storage box, not very kitty friendly.

This new one fits double the wood and has a nice solid top!

Thanks Grampie! I approve.  I really really do!

I was doing some snoopervising out the side window a couple of weeks ago, looking for the weasel. 

Everything was very quiet. Nothing moving except a few cows. 

Then I saw her.

The vixen was back having a snooze by her Spring den.  
There were cows wandering around and they didn't seem to mind her. 

The PM worries about the fox family so much in the Spring but she loves having them around.  She hopes they will be back with a new family next year as the PM had mentioned it in passing to a naturalist   in the region and he wants to come visit us next year to watch the new kits. 

We were contacted by Shoppers Drug Mart and informed of their new line of pet products, Amigo. They asked if we wanted to try out a few of their new cat toys and we said yes, yes, YES!!!

They sent us these two cute mice... 

and these cool rattle balls.

Goldie had the first go.

His favourites were the balls, purrfect for bunny kicking!

Banshee tried out the catnip mice but did not have much energy to play. She has had some sneezes over the weekend so she may not be feeling 100%. She is also used to homegrown fresh nip so she has quite a refined nip palate!

She came to investigate a little closer and the PM was sure she was getting ready to pounce but a distraction came into the room.

Miss Shady Lady

Shade escaped under the tree and actually batted some of the toys around!

She became nervous though as she could feel beady eyes spying through the branches.

We would like to say thank you very much Shoppers for these great toys! The Rattle Balls were a big hit and we hope Banshee will give the mice a going over when she is feeling better. 

A good stocking stuffer idea for our Canuck friends!!!

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