Hello Furry Friends!!!!!!!!! 

Long time, no purr. I tell ya, you'd think things would be calm and casual out here in the woods but the whole family are busy with their projects and life in general.  

Good news though! The wee lass wants to help us blog again! YIPPEE!!!! WE don't care who helps us as long as we get our voice back! The PM will be helping too so between the two of them we should be back in the cyber world. 

Banshee is doing well, laid back and footloose! 

Banshee Chillin'!

I'm my fine furry self and can't wait to be back sharing this man cat magic with the world again!

Party Time With PomPoms! Don't judge me.

We do have some sad news to share though. Miss Shade went to Rainbow Bridge June 2014. 
 She was an old girl and had had a mild stroke that spring. The PM took her out for a walk every day that spring in her arms so she could feel the wind in her fur as she loved that so. She was happy, eating, and drinking up until the very end. She had a very peaceful death, just went to sleep and didn't wake up. 

The PM said we should all be lucky to have such a wonderful passing as that. 

Miss Shade Loving the Wilds. 

We miss her still very much.

Sweet Girlie. Forever Love.

We'll make our rounds soon to see all of our furriends. 

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