Today the PM turns the big 4-0 and we thought we'd dedicate this post to her.

Awhile back The Nanny gave the PM a box of paper and pictures she had when the PM was a wee one herself. They had a cottage on the lake and the time there was spent surrounded by nature and lots of love.

The Nanny, the PM and The Duck.

The wild loving Penny.

In the box of papers, the PM found evidence of "blogging behaviour" way back then.

When it was a rainy day by the lake, the PM would engage in her animal sayings hobby. She would go through the wildlife magazines and cut out her favourite photos. Then she would make up little notes on what she thought was going on with the animals which she'd tape to the photo

Here are some of our favourites.
We took the liberty to translate as apparently they did not have spell check way back then.

"Where is that little devil?"

"Help around"

"He looks familiar"

"The King!"

"Let's buy Mom a gift for Mother's Day"

Happy Birthday PM!!!

We are so very glad you were and still are a little weird.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

29 Meows

Cold, Cold, Cold

Cold, Cold, Cold

Things have been wild inside and frigid outside here out in the woods.

The PM is having a crazed sorting and organizing fit this month and no one is safe. Each wee one had a room redo, every closet is scoured, the school stuff has been gone through and the MM's music room is getting thinned out. The PM wants to be able to have one tiny corner of the house for her wool/fleece as she has everything in bags in her closet and says that does not promote creativity. Even our toys were cleaned out!

We have been staying out of the way by either being by the wood stove, in a bed upstairs or by the windows downstairs. The fire has been on daily as it is way to cold. This week it has been -20 with a wind chill of -38. The PM runs outside in the mornings to feed the birds and that's it! At least the sun has been shining so we get lots of passive solar rays.

I spend my time between the side window and the front one. The feeder is closer to the house on the side so I enjoy the close and personal view.

We have three furry friends around this year who are very fun to watch.

They don't get along so we see lots of scampering and swearing!

The PM keeps her rug hooking frame on the side of my bed in the front and I LOVE it! When the critters arrive in the morning, I like to stay in the bottom of the frame.

I feel undercover and well protected. Some of those Mourning Doves are huge!

Then I gather my nerve and head topside.

Good morning my sweets.

There's another red devil.

He is pure badness that one.

Stay warm furriends!

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