Our wonderful friends, Tama-Chan and Tom, gave us this very fancy award. Thanks so much!

It is awarded to those who  seem to have a little bit of magic around them and we are to pass this on to three magical friends. I agree with Tama-Chan that all of our friends are magical and special but we have decided to pass this on to the following friends~

We were also tagged by the always fun Siena and Chilli for the 5th photo meme. We had done this before but the Music Man has since changed the photo folders so we got something different.

This is a pic of seaweed from the trip to PEI last summer. The PM has a bit of a seaweed fetish and she has many, many pics of different types. This is her favorite. The colour is vivid and it feels like a thick silk ribbon.

I know. She's weird.

Our plans for the weekend are simple.

Birds, birds and more birds.

There has been a huge run of birds at the feeder the last few days. Snow buntings, blue jays, redpolls, pine siskens, mourning doves and evening grosbeaks.

We may need a bib so to not ruin the wood with excessive drool.

We have a passion for cardboard out here in the woods.

See the gleam of excitement on my face as I slide and scamper on a really big piece.

Banshee loves it in a different way. She uses it as a muse for her creative impulses.

The PM doesn't appreciate the small bits of cardboard strewn around. She'll be happy when the windows are done so the cat tree/scratcher/lounger can be put up in the ledge. The Nanny bought us a track/scratcher for Christmas with cardboard on it but I think it is broken.

Is this thing on????

I'm waiting.

First off I would like to say that Cosmo's Toehawk Challenge is nearing the end. All the entries are submitted and the finalists announced. Head over here for a serious case of toehawk envy and to cast your votes!!!

Today I have a little story to tell about the perils of watching your beans bathe. Both Shade and Banshee have a fondness for sitting on the edge of the bathtub while the PM has her bath. I don't really get it. I tried it once. The PM was trying to have a peaceful bath and when she looked up from her book again, there was the three of us. Shade in the sink, me on the toilet seat and Banshee sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Staring. The PM said, "What?.... What???". That was it for me. Nothing too thrilling.

The girls seem to love it as it is a fight to see who gets there first. Well Shade was the winner about 2 weeks ago and perched on the edge of the tub while the PM tried to read and soak away the "sort out the house like a mad woman" day. The wee lad kept running in, asking the PM what certain words were in French. He'd run in, pat Shade, ask his question and run out again.

I think Shade was getting a bit annoyed at all the interruptions as she just wanted to steam for a while.

Can you see where this is going?

On the sixth trip into the bathroom, the wee lad went to pat Shade and she moved a tad bit away as an avoidance strategy. Seeing as she was sitting on a slick three inch tile edge she had not much leeway and fell into the tub. Yep, right into the water. Right onto the PM.

The PM reached over to push Shade back up and at the same time, Shade tried clawing out for dear life. I tease Shade about being the clawless wonder but her back claws are like razor blades. Normally she doesn't need to use them except for the odd head itch and yes, propelling herself out of a tub of bubbly water. There is not much traction in a bathtub so Shade had to get leverage some how. She chose to use the PM's pale winter thigh to hoist herself out, leaving a huge five inch slice. So much for a relaxing bath.

I wanted to pose of picture of the leg to show the damage but the PM thought the Internet could do without that image. Too bad, it was rather impressive.

The problem is it still looks impressive. All red and tender, not healing as well as it should. The PM started putting extra cream on it yesterday.

Let this be a warning to all you kitties who like to watch the tub. Observe from a safe distance!!

Since I couldn't show you the PM's beat up, spider veined thigh; I will leave you with this....

We are in the middle of yet another storm out here in the woods.

I know I go on about my snow excursions but today is not the case.

I look a leap outside to go pee...

but ran back in and used the litter box!

We received some wonderful awards the last couple of weeks.

Our new friend, Tuck gave this award to us for the second time. Thank you so much!

Our buddies Hans, Eric and Flynn and LC, Ayla and Iza all gave us this very pretty award! Thank you so much friends!

Also I have also decided to put an entry into Cosmo's toehawk challenge. I am a little leary to show my toehawks in public. They seem pretty wild and unruly. Banshee said I should get them braided or at least straightened a bit but the PM said they were fine as they were, au naturel.

So here they are.

Have a wonderful weekend everycat!

This is what I saw after another night of snow.

Whack-A-Squirrel anyone???

I was supposed to have a post today of all the wonderful awards we were given during our time off. Nope.

We were supposed to have visited our friends yesterday. Nope.

You know why? Because the PM screwed up. We are on sloooow dial up out here in the woods so the PM has a technique for visiting blogs. She gets five ready to load and loads them up one at a time while doing other things. Then she sits down to read and add our comments. Then we do another five. If we try to do too many, we risk the chance that our browser will crash and lose everything. Well the PM called a contractor to ask him to come over sometime and expected that he not be there and that he'd only be able to come late this week. He answered his phone and said he'd be here in an hour. The PM wasn't even dressed yet so she flew around and got everything ready. The men came and stayed quite awhile.

While this was going on, the PM kept loading up blogs to read later. I knew she was taking a chance. Finally at 3:30, the men were gone and the Music Man took the wee ones out for a snow run. The PM decided to sit and help us blog while supper was cooking. She made one comment, one comment and then it crashed. All twenty some blogs gone. I am glad the wee ones were outside and the language that was heard was not meant for sensitive ears.

I am very mad at her and gave her the back for the rest of the day.

Wow! That was a really long break!!! Too long for me that's for sure. I am glad to be back at the computer again and will be making my rounds to check out all my friends. It will take me a few days to catch up.

The PM pretty much picked up the house, shook it all around and put it back together again. She says it is the most organized it has ever been. I should hope so!!! Two weeks is a very long time.

I tried to be a big help as you can see.

I think she really appreciated an extra set of paws.

This is not an exciting Mancat Monday post like I had planned. It is just a quick post to let all our friends know that we are taking a little vacation and will be back hopefully next week sometime. No, not a fun vacation, a vacation from fun! We are getting all new windows this Spring so the PM and MM went looking around and talked to some window people. Apparently our huge cordwood window ledges are big trouble and all the wood has to be torn up to put in the windows then replaced. A real big job and one that some contractors rather not take on. So next week starts a parade of estimates and contractor visits. Stress in itself but we also have two areas in the house which have become a catch all for all objects and piles without a home. These are located in front of windows which will have to be measured.

So, the PM has to clean out these areas and find homes for things which in turn means all the rooms have to be cleaned out, furniture moved and shelves put up. The PM has also failed the three point stress test which includes trouble sleeping, eye twitch and migraines. Her eye is twitching so much I am worried one minute it'll twitch right off her face and chase us around the floor! Her birthday was on Saturday and she came home from visiting friends and having a party with her family, all happy. It didn't take too long for the eye to start twitching again and for the head to feel like a knitting needle is going straight through it.

So all this to say that the PM has put a fun ban on until the house is spruced up. We are having a big Spring cleaning really early! We will miss visiting everyone and hope you have a great week or so. We will leave you with some great shots of us to get the "twitching eye chase" out of your mind.

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