Friday, January 29, 2010

42 Meows

Friday Mystery

Friday Mystery

We are in the middle of another snowstorm. It rained for a couple of days and now the snow has returned. It looks pretty out with the huge flakes coming down but I'd rather be watching tuna flakes, personally.

No photos though as we have been having angry camera issues. Hopefully that will be resolved over the weekend. We do have an interesting shot from earlier in the month.

The family was out one afternoon in the newly fallen snow and came upon these tracks.

Very strange. The wee ones think it is from a huge claw! I can't imagine what type of beast would have mighty claws like that and I never really want to!!! The PM thinks it is a wing print from out friend, Mr. Pheasant.

That makes sense but I don't know how it would be like that in the middle of a wide open space without any other tracks. They don't fly very well so I can't picture how he'd make such a graceful print like that. Very strange. The PM then got worried that our friends the foxes may have got the pheasant and that was his wing hanging as they ran with him. They have been around here every couple of days and even chased him up one of the big pine trees! No fears though as he has been back to the feeders. The Music Man commented on how plump he is looking. His days may be numbered though with all the foxes and coyotes around. We hope he can make it through the Winter as he has a good hiding spot in our berm and he is oh so FUN to watch!!

The PM changed some things around after Christmas and left her turtle basket down. It normally hung on the wall.

I am very happy about this new addition to our ledge.











OK. Now I mean business. Time to get in fighting form.

I was told you could put keep track of your pet on Wii Fit.

Is it working? Am I looking trim?

How about now?

We have been gone waaay too long and this is only a quick post. The PM is at the root of this lack of blogging. She is to blame! On the Christmas break, she had to work on homeschooling lessons and finalize a Math curriculum. Easy Peasy I thought. Well, it stormed for a week, rain and snow, which caused us to lose our internet. Our "higher" speed internet is a satellite dish so it was affected the weather. It would come on for 15 minutes then be off for hours. Finally the weather calmed down and we had another bout of frozen keyboard. When the PM finally got online to do some research she was overwhelmed with all the info out there. Hundreds of homeschooling blogs, just as many curriculum. She isn't even finished yet and has two books to read on teaching math. The eye twitch is back, not pretty.

Real fun around here let me tell you.

So we aren't able to blog the rest of the week but we will try to visit all our friends. Don't tell anyone but we still have our Christmas decorations up.

Now onto us. This is what we've been doing so far this year.

Watching the weather and snuggling.

Remember to move position every hour to avoid cramping.

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