The PM is sick and it is going to rain and/or snow all week so I decided to try to lighten things up. Goldie has been telling me stories that he has heard about the PM and I thought it would be fun to share the laughs. Since it is April Fool's Week and the PM and her Dad used try and get each other when they lived together, I thought us felines would get her this week.

These stories are all slightly embarrassing pet related tales, purrfect for a week of laughs.

I am also going to be sharing some gorgeous photos of moi.

Here I am enjoying the beams with a traditional window press move.

Now onto the story.

This first story happened when the PM was about 17 and had just adopted her cat Sydney. Her sister had drug her into the pet store one day after school to look at the kittens. They had one cat, Mimi at home. The PM saw this kitten who looked cross eyed, wasn't able to focus, seemed to walk with a stumble and was much bigger than the other kittens there. He cried at the PM and purred up a storm when she picked him up. The PM spent the next day thinking about this little tuxie and was worried he wouldn't be adopted as he seemed to have sight issues, maybe some mental issues and had already been there awhile as he was so much bigger than the others. She talked to her mom about it and they all went over to look at him. They ended up taking him home as they wanted him to have a good home even if he had all this disabilities.

Well, seems that he was putting on quite the act as when they got him home, his eyes brightened, he ran like lightening through the house and was a normal, happy little fella. The PM said she must have had a big S for sucker on her forehead when she went into the pet store that first time. He was quite the character and was well loved.

The funny part happened a few days after he came home. The PM was having a bath when she heard him race through the house, there was a crash and then he started crying. The PM grabbed a towel and ran to the livingroom. Sydney had knocked over a lamp, climbed the curtains and was stuck on the top of them. The PM got a chair and was in the front window trying to get him down. His claws were really stuck in the fabric so the PM had to use both of her hands to get him free. The exact moment that she had him loose, her towel fell down and her neighbour walked by the front of her house, staring in. He got quite the eyeful that day!!

I wish I could have met that Syd, he seems like a fun feline!

If you have any embarrassing Mom and Pets story, please feel free to share!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

23 Meows

Fun on Friday

Fun on Friday

I need a break from this Haus of Sick! Time for Fun Friday!!!

First off, I want to reveal the new name of our *pucks*. Thanks so much for all the suggestions and it was a very hard choice. The PM enlisted the help of her friends and family in voting and the new name is~


What fun!!! Thanks so much to Glogirly and Katie for the suggestion!! A set of Disc-o-Nips are headed your way!!

The PM finished the Disc-o-Nips this week and I was the only one allowed on the table to observe.

Nothing feels better than a good roll on the kitchen table.

I wasn't there just to watch, I had a job to do. I had to inspect the nip.

Yep, very yummy.

I then waited patiently for my tester.

OK, is it ready??

Oh, yeah.

That's nice.

I took it for a test ride around the table. It passed!!!

Then I felt some eyes on me, burning holes of jealousy in my lovely fur.

Banshee complained and the PM gave her the tester too.
She is such a sook.

Here they are!
Filled with our home grown nip and Valerian sent from our dear friends Siena and Chilli.

The wee ones each picked a number and our commenters from our 400th post that will each be getting a set of Disc-o-Nips are~


Thanks furriends!!

The PM is also giving a set to Hans's Auction which will be up week 3 or 4 and a set to sweet Hans himself.

Now I better get back to keeping guard over the sickies. The PM and MM both have sore throats too now so the couches might be very busy this weekend!!

I would like to welcome everyone to our 400th post! We are very excited about this.

I have to admit though that I am not as excited as I could be. I am sure you realize that something is amiss. I am, for the time being, boycotting the use of my likeness in this blog. The PM has disappointed me greatly and she is required to use this reasonably made facsimile.

Why, might you ask? Well. The PM forgot about a certain tuxie's birthday this weekend. A very special Gotcha Day. On Saturday, I turned 11 years old and I have been living with the PM and the MM for 10 years. That is cause for celebrations with all the bells and whistles.

What did I get? Nada. Zilch.

How did she find out it was my birthday you ask? Was it a huge colourful reminder on the calendar? No. Was it a gift that came in the mail addressed to me? No.

It was the stupid TV. Yep, the PM had turned on the Wii to do some yoga on Saturday night and the flippin' Wii told her that it was my birthday. It said "It is Shade's birthday today! Hope you had a great day together!" The PM felt pretty bad, I must admit, but I am still quite upset. She even said she was going to take me for a walk outside on my leash the next day but she didn't. I....

What are you doing Goldie? This is my tirade.

I thought this looked like fun so I wanted to try it out.

I also wanted to say I think you are being a little hard on the PM. The wee lass has been sick since Thursday, the wee lad got sick yesterday and the PM has been having a bout of migraines all weekend.

She was going to take you out but it snowed. Remember?

She also played throw the crushed up paper ball with you and let you sleep under the covers with her that night even though she was too hot. Too hot!!!!

OK. I might be able to forgive her. Someday.

From both of us and Banshee, we'd like to thank you all for sharing our lives with us and for being our furriends!

As a Thank You, we are going to give away one of our homemade Puck Packs to a commenter on today's post. We are also going to reveal the puck's new name!

Stay tuned!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

27 Meows

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

The PM does a cat search before she leaves the house. She needs a visual on each feline. When I first came here, the playroom was converted into my apartment for a few weeks while I got used to the place. It still holds some special memories for me and I like to hang out there.

I had decided to take a nap on the bean bag chair. It was half covered by an overturned hedgehog but it just made it cozier! It was also the perfect hiding spot.

After looking through the house for about 20 minutes, the PM finally found me.

OK! OK! You've spotted me! Gooooooood bye!

The PM has a busy week ahead. She is in town today to take her dad to the hospital for tests and then she and the wee ones are away both Wednesday and Thursday. We'll be visitng our friends when we can.

It'll be just us cats...

some sunbeams...

and a little friend.

No, no we are not talking about used litter or the actual litter itself.

We are using TWB litter now and it comes in a bag but before, our litter came in these big jugs. The PM kept them as she thought they would be useful for something and she figured that something out!

She was organizing all the craft supplies as the MM just put up some shelves in the playroom and thought these would be perfect. She gathered up all the jugs, took off the labels and washed them out.

Then she gathered up a box cutter and scissors.

She took the jug and cut a big opening around the spout. This is very tricky and you have to be very careful as the box cutter is super sharp and the plastic isn't very stable. We really couldn't watch that part.

Then you are left with great container for small items!

She then used some Sharpies to make a label for each one.

Label it.

Then fill it up!

Here they are on the shelves. Very handy and cheap too!!!

Some people asked yesterday if there was a fight in *picture four*. There would have been if there was a pic four but the PM saw the warning signs of Banshee's wrath and moved in. Banshee had done her classic hiss/ faux lunge at me and the PM chased her down. We really don't get along. I was there first and she can go to one of the other windows!!!

The cats are mad at me though due to my little foray into the fresh air this week. The PM and MM are going to paint the outside of the house in a couple of months and are still not agreeing on colours. The PM was even thinking of removing the shutters as she felt they looked somewhat dated but the MM wants them to stay. So the PM was going outside for awhile to study the house while looking at some colour samples.

I was standing at the screen door, crying to go out so the PM let me out with her!! She knew I wouldn't take off as it is too snowy and she was right beside me all the time.

I found a couple of grassy spots to inspect.

But... most of it still was snow!!

I am longing for the warm breeze of Spring.

I have had enough now! PM you are on your own!!

I tried to sneak one of these fellas inside to stick on Goldie's pantaloons but the PM caught me. That would have made for an interesting afternoon!

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