Never underestimate the power of nip. The plastic bag even held magical powers!

Next week we'll show you what she actually made!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

16 Meows

A Feast

A Feast

After the PM was done making our toys, she put the rest of the nip on the floor for us.

All licked clean!

First off, I just wanted to add a little anecdote from the weekend that Goldie failed to mention in his party wrap-up. Goldie was a real big help. As the first guests were pulling into the driveway, Goldie was pooping on the floor, right between two litter boxes.

Yeah, the PM just loved that!

Before all this Lego talk, the PM was making us some catnip toys. This is mine!

I know it doesn't look like much, just some stuffing and catnip stuffed into an old wee one sock then knotted.

But it is one of my favorite toys ever!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

21 Meows

We Survived.

We Survived.

The end of the week was a little crazy with days of Lego building and party planning!

We tried our best to help out.

The Music Man brought home two big packs of these interlocking onion boxes which looked like giant Lego blocks. Banshee tried them out, making sure they were up to par.

I tried to help with the building, getting real close and personal with the blocks.

The party was Saturday afternoon.

Banshee and I slept in the kitchen together on our bed in the window for the whole time! We liked listening to the Mom Talk!

Miss Shade staying in the livingroom with the Lego, the boxes, the kids and the dads! She has a crush on Uncle S and stayed with him on the couch the whole time. The kids were stacking the boxes up to the ceiling then knocking them over with a crash! The PM figured Shade would retreat upstairs but no, she stayed in the thick of things.

You can see her in the background in these two shots.

This was the aftermath. Cleaned up pretty quickly though.

Then all that was left to do was more building!!!!

We would like to welcome you to the Wednesday Water Sports Event! This event is highlighting felines who like to use the loo in the great white! We are very excited to be hosting this event during this week of the Cat Olympics 2010. To check out what has been happening this week please visit our friend Fin, who is the creative cat that started this week of games!

It is a glorious day for this event and we are pleased to introduce you to our mascot out here in the woods~ Alabaster!

We did not get many entries as this is a very tough sport, requiring fierce dedication, paws of steel and a woodstove for post action warm ups. Due to this fact we are running The Water Event this Olympics as a demonstration sport. We will use this time to study the sport and try to lift the air of mystery that surrounds these competitors.

First up please welcome Flynn, an up and coming Snow Pee-er from across the pond. It doesn't snow much in England so the British Snow Pee-ers have a totally different style. As you can see, this sport for the BSP is all about the aim. They score extra points for standing in the snow but actually peeing on bare vegetation.

Wow! Right on target Flynn!!!

The BSP team also have coaches that offer hints from the sidelines and who inspect every play. Eric checks it out and announces Flynn has played his best pee yet!! Well done!!!

I am up next and will show you how us Canadian Polar Pee-ers do it!
It is the perfect pee day out there. New fluffy snow and some flakes still falling. To tell you the truth, this is the only time I am allowed to practice my sport. The PM lets me out only when there has been a storm, they are all outside and the driveway has not been done yet.

For a CPP, observation is key and it takes awhile to scout out the perfect spot.

I do enjoy a more secluded whizz under the cedar but that is mainly during off season recreation pees.

A true CPP takes to the open snow.
I smell the fresh clean air and make my move.

About ten paces is the norm and once the perfect spot is selected it all happens very fast. A very small dig is made, one paw swipes worth and then the key is balance. A slight squat with vertical tail is the ideal.

Then execute a tight turn, cover with a second paw swipe.

Now, for the finale. Walk back to the starting line in your same tracks!

That wasn't too bad but I need to work a little on tail leverage. Maybe the CPP will look into coaches?

What do you say Alabaster? Care to be my coach???

Monday, February 15, 2010

26 Meows

Mancat Monday

Mancat Monday

This week is going to be a busy one out here in the woods. The wee lad is having his 7th birthday party here on Saturday and it is going to a Lego party. I thought that didn't sound too bad until the PM said they were going to put together ALL of the Lego kits that we have. So this will be a huge undertaking. First pieces have to be sorted, lost pieces found and then big booklets followed with building instructions. Last year it took the PM 2 1/2 days to build a big Agents Command Truck so I don't know how this is going to work really.

Building, cleaning, planning, decorating plus homeschool all day and trips into town for groceries and swimming. Whew!!

Banshee and I will are helping with the school work. It's the least we can do.

The only other post we'll be doing this week is the Winter Olympic event but it may just be a demonstration event for me as no one has joined in. If you like to use snow as a latrine please check out our invite!

I am getting myself all ready for the special Cat Olympics Week coming up! Want to look my best for sure.

Our friend Fin came up with the idea and we'd thought it would be fun. We also felt that since the Winter Olympics are being held in Canada, we should do something in the spirit of the games.

So, we are putting together a special event to run next Wednesday. We are going to be holding the first ever Winter Olympic Outdoor Water Event!

This is a new cutting edge sport and takes lots of talent and plenty of guts.

Does this scene make you want to go pee?

If you answered yes or even maybe then come on over for the event! We are looking for competitors who have used the facilities in the great white. Don't be ashamed, this is our time to unite and show the world what real snow pee-ers look like. Grab your toque and come on over!!

To participate, please send us a few photos of you in action out there amongst the flakes with a small description of why you do what you do and how it makes you feel. We know this isn't a game for all but we hope we'll get some real adventurers coming out!

Send any info to danica_130 at yahoo dot com.

The PM and wee ones are away until Sunday so we hope to get visiting our friends soon!!

For all of you that have missed seeing the B&W beauty out here in the woods~


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