Tuesday, September 28, 2010

19 Meows

A sad day

A sad day

We just found out that our dear friend, Yuu-Chan from the wonderful Poupounette family has left for the Bridge. We are so very sad for the whole family, especially #1, with whom Yuu had bonded so lovingly.

He was a wonderful cat, full of life and spunk with a gentle soul. 

He will be greatly missed.

Our favourite bloom for you sweet Yuu-Chan.

We have been having an interesting Dino study around here and us girls don't know what Goldie was all freaked out about. 

Do these things look fierce? 

One flick of my tail and the little one went flying. 

Shade got down to the bare bones of the matter .

No three storey high monster lizard here.

Really Goldie, you niphead, you have quite the imagination. Maybe you should write science fiction.

Monday, September 20, 2010

27 Meows

Trying to Help

Trying to Help

Hello furriends!

  Things are really busy here with both wee ones being homeschooled now. The PM is doing her own science and history curriculum so most of her free time has been taken up with school work.  I offered to help with the planning to give her a paw and get things moving a little but I wasn't much help.  Did you know that  huge creatures like lizards on mega growth hormones walked around millions and millions of years ago? 

Really they did. 

Don't think about it too hard. Kind of made me dizzy.

Had to take a long nap.

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