First of all sorry we have been only posting like once a month but we have been busy!! We have a  tween kitten friend who is pregnant with tiny little kitties and we will be getting a kitten brother or sister so we are planning that!! 

 We decided to plan her a kitten shower this is the party hats we came up with (aren't they super cute:)) We will be making a blog post about our new friend Tink soon!

                                                               I think it's a little un-comfy.


                                                           I think it feels great!

                                                           I feel beautiful.

                                                                Love this bow!

                                                         I guess I'm just a model.

                                                                  Work that!


                                                                       I just love the ears.


                                                            Let's go for a walk.

                                                           Still weird.

                                                                             I'm tired

                                                                       This is just great...

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