Friday, April 30, 2010

23 Meows

Wilds Report

Wilds Report

The fox family is doing very well. The vixen took the kits over to our berm for a little playtime. Seems like it is their big woods practice run.

They then ran back to their den through our garden.

The kits played in the sun for hours. They are just like puppies, chasing, pouncing, rolling and wrestling!

While the kits were playing, papa trotted down our lane, off to get some grub.

The kits are really early this year. Normally they are just brown fur balls in April. The PM figures they will head to the woods sooner than mid June. We'll enjoy watching them until then.

The post Friday left me looking a tad silly, I must admit. To make it up to me, this post will highlight only my calico sweetness!!

Why are laughing?

What is so freakin' funny?????

Something outside tickle the ol' funny bone?

The PM crept up to us very quietly, trying to take a snuggle photo.

Next time PM, look where you are going!!

She hit our hanging folk art llama and the moment was lost.

The wee ones have come down with yet another bout of the sniffles. I have come up with the best set up ever!! This move is for when you want to provide some comfort yet not be too close to the dripping, sneezing, coughing mess.

Blanket Hammock!!!!!

We were supposed to post this yesterday but the PM came back from the city with and the wee ones and a migraine so she went right to bed.

We'd like to thank everyone for all their help and suggestions on our last post. Aunt C has read them all and now hopefully she'll find something to help Sister. She asked us to clarify poor Sister's name. Many of you commented on a he being a Sister and it all started when he was a kitten. When they first adopted him, they thought he looked like Sissy Spacek, the actress. They then called him Sissy, which is what he goes by most of the time and that morphed to Sister which is what the PM normally calls him. He seems secure in his mancathood.

So it looks like Spring has finally come (even though there was flurries last night and more on tap for the weekend.)

We have a few green sprouts in the garden.


Early tulips

We have a chickadee pair that are making their nest in a dead tree. The mom and dad take turns digging some pieces of wood out and flying away a few feet then spitting it all out.

We are excitied to see what their babies look like.

The PM was doing laundry on the weekend and spotted our old friend, Foxy. She had just told The Nanny the day before that she didn't think the foxes were back this year. Wrong, PM!

Two little kits made their debut.

I kept my eye on them too.

The PM is very worried about them and was hoping they would not come back again this year, even though they have come here for the last four years to have their kits. They either have their dens in our berm or in the hills beside our house. This year they are in the hills. Even though they are close, they are not on our property as the hills rest just past our lane. The farmer who owns the property has anger issues and everyone knows to stay out of his way. His wife and his son moved out last year as he punched his son in the face while they were haying. Not a nice man. The PM worries he will hurt the fox family. He has been over daily hauling manure and she knows he has seen them but they are still there so he must be going to let them stay. They only stay here a few months then move into the deep woods come Summer. Last year the cougar came to check out their den too and probably would have eaten some of the kits had the PM not scared it away. PM is worried now about that. Even though she loved actually seeing the cougar, she doesn't like the idea of one scoping out the place. Everyone keeps telling her not to get too attached but the PM's, the PM and is already attached and will be heartbroken if anything happens to this perfect wild family.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

31 Meows

A Question...

A Question...

Hi furriends!

We have a little question from our city cousins. They are having a little trouble with this fella here~

His name is Sister and he is having peeing and pooping outside of the litter box issues. He is a nervous guy and tends to swat people when they walk by when he's agitated. He has had some of these bathroom problems before but never to this extent. He has quite a few places that he is peeing and he poops in only one spot. These *could* be some of the reasons why he is upset.
  • Spring thaw and he is going outside more (harness).
  • Crazy dogs next door that run over to see him and he doesn't like it. They are not on a leash.
  • Used to be cats with kittens upstairs in the apartment but they have since turned the upstairs back to being part of their home. It was been cleaned thoroughly.
  • Two tomcats hanging around and spraying outside. The people maybe bringing the scent inside.

Aunt C has bought some diffusers and they have been running for about a month now, not helping. She has ordered some Feliway Spray and it should be here this week. Sister has been peeing in weird spots too like on the counter and in Aunt C's fruit salad. He must have exquisite aim! He doesn't have any health issues.

Any suggestions on what they could do? They are trying to give him more attention but that's not helping either.

First off we'd like to send out big purrs to our friends Daisy and Jonesie as they are feeling under the weather. Get better soon furiends!

We have had a busy week out here in the woods, with our snow almost all gone. With that also goes the calmness of a Winter's day when everything is wrapped in white. Now the anxiety of Summer Plans begins. This was a week of lists, lists and more lists.

I was very happy though that the PM decided to take me around the property for a Spring Inventory.

I had my first roll of 2010 and it was SPLENDID!!!!!

We were surprised to see how many trees have been damaged this year. We will have a busy Spring, pruning and cutting things down.

Goldie came out for about five minutes. He was nervous and sat on the PM's rainboot. He likes it better when the PM has a chair outside and he sits on her lap. She told him she has something in the works for him and the rest of us felines.

He seemed real happy about that.

Happy Easter everyone!! We hope you all have a wonderful day. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous!! We had so much rain all week and were preparing for a wet weekend but yesterday the temperature was 24C which is 75F and sunny. We still have snow but it was t-shirt and shorts weather. It was great to have all the windows open!!

This is our last April Fools Week slightly embarrassing PM story. We saved it for today as it has a bunny in it and a bunny on Easter is purrfect!

This happened when the PM was in her late teens. All these stories happened in her teens. We are surprised she didn't develop some type of complex!

The PM and her sister each had a bunny who were sisters too. There was Shankar and Pandora and they lived in the house just like one of the cats. They stayed in their hutch at night but in the morning they would be let out and they'd spend the rest of the day out, running around, sleeping on beds, laying across the back of the couch watching tv and playing with the cats.

Here is a picture of a picture of the PM and Shankar one Christmas morning. Shankar loved Animal Crackers and would get them as a treat. She was a great bun!

The embarrassing story happened while the family was at their cottage. The bunnies enjoyed travelling and they would come too for a weekend away. It was pouring out so the PM was sitting on her bed going through magazines. Her Mom had opened a bag of Bridge Mix.
The PM took some and put it in a pile on her comforter. Her dark coloured comforter.
She was eating some when Shankar jumped up for a cuddle. Sometimes when the bun was happy, she'd run around in a circle and this was what she was doing , doing laps around the PM and her pile of Bridge Mix.

Sometimes when doing laps, a small bunny poop or two would slip out. If you have never seen a bun poo, here are some.

Do you know where this is going?

Well, Shankar jumped down and the PM kept on reading and snacking. Only one of the last treats turned out to not be a treat at all! The PM took the chocolate (aka rabbit turd), popped it in her mouth and crunched it between her molars!!!


She ran around, trying to tell her Dad but she couldn't really talk as she was holding her mouth wide open! He tried to help but was laughing too hard to do much. It took her hours of brushing her teeth, flossing and rinsing her mouth to get everything out. It was really lodged in there.

The moral of the story~ look before you chew!!!

Hope you are all having a fun April Fool's Day!!! We are getting pretty water logged out here in the woods! At least the snow is melting.

Time for another sweet pic of me and a story. Some of you have shared some stories of your own, they were great!!! You have to laugh about these things.

This is another window press pic. I enjoy fitting into narrow places, especially when there is sunbeams involved!!

This second story happened when the PM was a teenager and they had three cats at that time. Her Grandmother had come over to spend a couple of days and was sleeping on the couch in the livingroom. The PM had previously had some sleep walking and sleep talking episodes but this night was the best!

Her Grandmother told her that during the night she woke up and the PM was walking through the livingroom, in the nude, sound asleep. She went through the house and turned on all the faucets. She stood by the couch and looked outside then went and pet all the cats. She then went back to bed. The PM was horrified beyond belief but she thought it was sweet that she stopped to give all the cats some attention.

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