Now that the weather has taken a turn towards the cooool side, I am allowed out without being tethered to that bone stealing, elbow/knee walk producing hardness!!!!

How exciting is that???

Shade came out with us but headed for the hills.

For the first couple of runs I stay close to the house in case I need to make a quick re-entry.

Very neat smells around the cedar tree. The grass by the bird feeder was all dug up so I know some furry beast has been prowling. The PM thinks it was the vile and menacing SKUNK!!

Scary stuff my friends.

I am well camouflaged out here in the fall.

Can you see me?

I spent about 11 minutes scouting the area then had to go in for a nice roast by the wood stove.

Hello, hello, HELLO!!!!!

Yes, it is my 3rd Gotcha Day out here in the woods!!

Wow! Time has flown! I remember when I came here, how nervous and freaked out I was. I am feeling pretty secure now and right at home. I've also gotten a little bit "floofier" since I arrived but it's all good.

The PM dug out her knitting as she is working on some Christmas gifts.
(Note the Harley mug!)

She said the ball of yarn was not my Gotcha Day gift.

I said I knew that, what I want is to get back to visiting my friends and showing up on this darn blog some more!!

She said she is never going to have any extra free time just suddenly appear so we are being put on the weekly to-do calendar! Yippee!!! Once a week is not purrfect but I'll be happy with that!

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