Friday, May 30, 2008

20 Meows

O Happy Day!

O Happy Day!

Happy Friday everyone!

The magnolia is bloomin'.

Lovers are being united.

I am all ready to go, see you at Karl and Ruis's galactic wedding.

Yes, I have still not had the OK to go running outside again. Soon, I hope, soon

So I have taken up bird watching as my favorite hobby. I am studying their nesting patterns and watching them intently from the windows. I was never really this obsessed with them before but my true love, mice, are hard to see from in this prison.

We have a lot of these fast fellows here and I never paid them any mind before. Look at them, all skinny and small. But I have new thoughts on the matter, they would give a good chase AND they come with a built in toothpick.

This is the life.
On the table.
In a basket.
In a sunbeam.

I know this looks dangerous. Please do not try this at home. The wood stove was off, I just wanted to give the PM a little scare. Not that she needs one, but whatever.

Now for a fox update. We don't think she had babies this year. She has been coming around with some of her grown babies from last year and we found out they normally only have babies every two years. Last week she got a chicken from one of our neighbours and ran through our yard with it. I was quite jealous truth be know. Later that day, the farmer whose land in beside us burnt and plugged the den from last year and the PM was very upset thinking the fox was in there with her new babies. She wasn't, we have seen her since, but she is getting too brave and the PM is worried someone will try to shoot her. She also came trotting over when the PM and the wee ones were in the garden and probably would have came right to them but the PM yelled really loud at her. She isn't really scared, that is not a good thing.

Someone sent the PM this link and it looks pretty crazy. (www.predatorpee.com) It says to scare away foxes, you need to buy coyote pee. WHAT????? That doesn't sound right. How do they send it? How do they get it? I am going to try and save the family the time and money and I am thinking of heading out tonight. I have a few white cups and a friendly smile so I am sure I can coax some coyotes into helping us out. The PM saw a bobcat and a lynx around before so that would be even better. I think I am onto something,,,

Our friends, Kimo and Sabi are having a great contest and Shade is going to share her "shout" entry.

I normally call that " shrill annoying screaming " but we'll call it a shout for today.

Ta Da!!!!!!!

Here is our new, wonderfully designed blog done by the super creative Ana, mom to the sweet and crazy Chica and Pumuckl.

We love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!

We wanted to keep our "woodsy" feel but have something unique to us.

The header still needs some tweaking, ( I think the PM screwed up something ) but I wanted to get it up and running for everyone to see!

Even though Ana did all the work, I feel I need a plate of stinky goodness and a nap!

Thanks again, Ana!!!!

The PM found a few of these under the cedar tree by the house and is glad that I am house bound. It means that the baby robins have hatched. That makes me even more depressed. Those babies can't even fly yet, they are just waiting for me. ::sigh::

The PM REALLY gets mad at me when I go after the birds, mice and moles not so much.

Then I see her outside doing this mess with the side garden.

She says it is a "kill mulch" that will stay there for a year to smother all the weeds as she has given up trying to do it all by hand EVERY summer for the last 7 years. The people who lived here before were horrid landscapers. Real landscapers, that was actually their job. They said they planted 300 bulbs in that side garden the fall before the PM bought it. Only three things came up and about 4 million weeds! . The PM thinks they either did it too fast or planted too late. They didn't care, they were moving. They actually took off to the States to escape the creditors as they owe tons of money.

So the PM has to lay cardboard all over the weeds, leave holes for the surviving perennials then layer, compost and top with leaves, twigs and mulch.

So, the PM can kill all of these plants yet I can't have one wee baby robin? That just doesn't seem fair.

They are taking off for a few days to visit the Nanny so we will be left with the Music Man. Shouldn't be too bad but I won't be able to blog until the middle of next week. ::another sigh::. I'll try and escape again. The Music Man is kind of dense. Hee Hee

Today we are going to catch up on some memes. First off, Junior, tagged us for the three name meme.

Three Names Meme

Lots of kitties wanted to know what Tara's three names were after her Mom went to see Cats the other night. It got Tara and Kavan to thinking of a fun meme. In case you aren't familiar with The Naming of Cats, in the Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, by T.S. Eliot, we all have three names! So, in this meme, you must link to the originator of the meme Tara list the following rules, and then tell:

1. The name that the family uses daily (such as Peter, Agustus, Alonzo, or James)
2. The name that is particular, a name that's peculiar, and more dignified (such as Munkustrap, Quaxo, or Coricopat)
3. What you are doing when you are thinking of the name that only you know, and will never confess (when engaged in rapt contemplation), that deep and inscrutable singular name.

Here are ours:

Goldus Amonus
Laying in the garden where the scent of catmint is wafting through the air.

Shady Lady Loo
Laying outside under the cedar tree where it is cool and breezy.

I was tagged by my buddy Chairman Mao for this fun meme.

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post,the player than tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was nowhere to be seen ten years ago. The PM didn't even know the Music Man then. Scary.

2. What are the 5 things on my to do list for today: (1) Beg to go out. (2) Scratch the door in a pathetic attempt to get outside. (3) Hide by the door and wait until a wee one goes to open it and then make a mad dash for it. (4) Climb the door jam in protest. (5) Sit in the window facing the beans outside and look very depressed.

3. Snacks I enjoy: Temptayshuns, stinky goodness, oatmeal (stolen), noodles (stolen) and mice.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: I would buy a huge farm with lots of staff so we could take care of abandoned animals of all sorts for years and years and years.

5. Three of my bad habits: Oh My... Well... (1) Attacking Shade EVERY time she comes hopping down the stairs. (2) Eating dead flies and then breathing on the PM (3) Eating fluff, lint and my fur off of the rug.

6. Five places I have lived: I have only lived in two places. My first home, some jock who moved out West and my forever home here in the woods. I was on my way to the SPCA with the jock's sister when she called the PM as a last ditch effort and THANK GOD the PM took me in!

7. Five jobs I have had: (1) Vermin Destroyer, (2) Bird slayer, (3) Catmint Connoisseur , (4) Poop Flinger, (5) Love Pig

We'll tag anyone else left out there who wants to play.

I DID IT!!!!!! I escaped. I am so cunning and quick. The wee-est one opened the door to come in and I snuck out unseen. Oh, how wonderful to be on the grass again. I roll and roll...

...and roll and...


Oh crap....

I just wanted to say that today I am thankful for Shade. Even though we fight and she thinks I am pretty annoying, she's with me thru it all.

UPDATE!!!!! WE JUST GOT GREAT NEWS!!!! WE WON A NEW BLOG DESIGN FROM OUR GOOD FRIENDS Ana, Chica and Pumuckl! We are so excited! Now for the planning! I better go take a quick nap and eat a big snack. "PM, where are the pencils and paper?"

They are home! They are home!!!!

They returned home late yesterday afternoon and we were very glad to see them. I really tried to have a good weekend and I did not do anything "bad". I really wasn't up for it and it paid off . On the way home the PM asked everyone to guess how many "accidents" would be found upon their return. Normally I can be a little zealous with my show of irritation at being left but I was rather content this weekend and there was not one thing wrong when they walked through the door.

This is where I slept most of the time and the PM was shocked that I did not pee in it as they normally make sure to put up any clothes baskets as that is one of my favorite lashing out techniques.

I spent the rest of my time eating, playing and gazing outside. It was a tad disturbing due to the copious amount of copulating starlings on the front yard. Thank heavens they are quick about it at least.

The PM was so happy with me I had extra treats AND she took me outside. She held me and we walked up to the garden. The catmint is up a wee bit so she put me down by it so I could gnaw on some and roll around for a bit.

I went to bed a very happy cat!

I have not been outside for quite a few days now.

The PM tried to be nice and take me for a walk in my harness but like a fool, I bolted, tried to climb a tree and broke the harness.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I have been passing my time painting with the wee ones

and wrangling some horses.

The family are going away for a few days to visit the in-laws and we are going to be alone until Monday.

I hope it pours all weekend. Sorry, I am not feeling like myself.

There are some other cats out there on their own this weekend so I better brighten up a bit and go visiting. No use wallowing in self pity right?

I was watching intently outside since I haven't laid a paw out there in days, when I saw our crazy neighbour cat, Canon. He must have heard of the excitement over here as he has never sauntered over to our property before.

"Hey, Canon!!!!! Git your furry butt home!!! Stop looking at my tree! That is MY bird nest in there!

The PM gets the wee ones to bang on the window, hoping to scare Canon a bit so he'll run home. He is on the other end of the berm from the fox but we don't want to take any chances.

"Yes Canon, we are talking to you! Get goin' ! Are we going to have to call your Mom to come get you?'"

"HOLY #$@%*# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The PM had taken this picture just as the fox ran around the corner of the berm. She was hoping to get an action shot of Canon running home, but not THIS type of action!

At this point, the PM swears, drops the camera (I am surprised it didn't break) and runs out of the house in her bare feet screaming like a banshee. Canon runs, the fox chases him but runs the other way when the PM gets there. She then chases the fox around the berm and into the field.

This is getting pretty crazy. We now think that the fox who had her babies in the field last year is back and has decided that the berm is a safer place to have her kits. So that is better than having two foxes to deal with but we can't figure out why she thought the front of our house would be safer? She has probably had her babies and that is why she is being super vigilant about chasing the other animals away. Last year she left the area and took the kits with her into the woods when they got bigger so we will have to wait it out. When we are sure they are gone we will fill up the holes and she'll have to find a new spot next time.

OK, here is how our day goes, outside wise. No cats are allowed out at breakfast and after supper, Goldie needs to be on a harness with the PM unless everyone is outside. The PM figured that if all the beans were outside making noise that the fox wouldn't come around so we were safe out there. That was the only time Goldie was able to do his hunting.

The PM never really worries about me when I go out as I normally just recline in the sun close to the house or I head up to the garden to recline up there if everyone is working there.

On Sunday I wanted to go out. Goldie must have sensed what was going to happen as he didn't want out at all! It was shortly before noon, the PM and The Nanny were fixing lunch, the PM's sister had the three wee ones outside playing and the Music Man, The Grampie and the Uncle were building this...

It was a beautiful day with hardly and wind. I smelled something worth investigating as soon as I trotted outside. I don't know why Goldie never sought out this aroma before, maybe his smeller is broken. We have berm right outside our front door which is a crescent shaped manmade hill with tons of trees and bushes on it. There is an old ground hog hole in there and the smell was coming from it.

I slowly made my way to the hole, nose to the ground. I could hear the PM's sister calling my name, asking me to come over for some scritches. The smell was too compelling. I reached the hole and was met by the face of EVIL coming out of it!!!! There was a fox in there and she came out of that hole like a bullet, but screaming with fangs. I ran straight to the door. I was puffed up so much that I looked like a black tumble weed. I have never ran so fast in my life!!!! I could feel the rancid breath on my back. Everyone started screaming and the Music Man came running over clapping his hands and yelling. The fox turned and ran back to the hole.

The PM's sister let me in and I headed straight for my crunchies. I ate with gusto for a couple of minutes to calm my nerves.

It was very frightening but somewhat exciting as after a nap, I really wanted back out and have been asking CONSTANTLY!

The PM was woken up one night last week by two foxes screaming and fighting right outside the house so we now fear that there may be TWO foxes living here. One in the field outback and one in the berm. We are now not allowed out AT ALL unless we have the harness on and are with the beans. I am OK with the harness, I used to wear one all the time before. Goldie HATES it and doesn't move at all. He bolts sometimes, taking off running at top speed, reaches the end and practically chokes himself. He is very depressed about the situation. The PM is also "at the end of her rope".

This has been a crazy busy weekend and we are getting more visitors today so I have been told today will be a low key blog day.

I kept myself busy this weekend snoopervising and trying to be helpful.

PM~ Goldie!

Goldie~ What?
PM~ People are coming over and you are sitting on a placemat!

Goldie~ Sorry, I'll lie down.

For some reason, the PM did not approve of my assistance.

Thanks for all the interest in my contest. I am going to give the M.U. (mouse update) every Monday. I am sad to report the number is only at one. Circumstances have hindered the hunt and I'll let Shade fill you in tomorrow on her Tuxie Tuesday post.

After seeing everyones great jokes for Camie's Kitties, the wee ones said I HAD to put their favorite one up so here it goes.

Shade~ BOO
Goldie~ BOO WHO?

Everyone here has a huge weekend planned so I have been told that I won't be blogging again until Monday. The nerve! Well, it is the PM's sister's birthday Friday plus the wee-est one's birthday party is Sunday. I can understand. Plus this house looks like crap so the PM's time would be better spend scrubbing!

I have been enjoying the Spring.

Rolling in rotting straw.

Checking out the catmint status. Pretty pathetic. Just crispy brown.

My favorite hobby of all. Mouse search and destroy missions!

Another one bit the dust yesterday but the PM refused to take a picture of it. I thought that was pretty rude. She thought I was being morbid. We came to an agreement of sorts.

I am annoucing the first annual PRO MOUSER contest. I am going to keep a running tally of how many mouse slayings I am responsible for from May 1st to Sept. 1st. I ask that you all take a guess at what the final total will be and whatever cat gets the closest will win a wonderful prize. I suggested a splendid "box o' corpses" but the PM again said I was being morbid. You may leave a guess in the comments or email me if you want it to be a surprise. I will be taking guesses for the next week and after that I'll be posting the slaying tally on Mancat Mondays.

I am off to sharpen my claws in anticipation!

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