Friday, January 30, 2009

29 Meows

Fur on Friday

Fur on Friday

The chair is feeding more than just the birds.

Evil squirrel alert!!!!

Just wait, you little red devil. Banshee is my new hunting partner and you are our first project come Spring!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

17 Meows

Snake Attack!

Snake Attack!

I was sleeping peacefully when the dreaded winter snakes of the woods descended.

I gave them a good whippin'. They won't be seen back in these parts for awhile.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

14 Meows

So Fussy

So Fussy


"You are laying down right on my book. I was reading that."

"Sorry. I'll move."

"There you go."


Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Meows

Magical Monday

Magical Monday

We had a lot of freezing rain and it has stayed really cold. The landscape glistens like glass, especially in the beams.

Each pine needle is encased in ice. When the wind blows, they make a lovely tinkling song. Magical.

You have to find the beauty in every season.

I am enjoying the winter but from the warmth of indoors.

This bird chair was a great idea!

Front seat tickets to the feather buffet.

These little delectables are called Snow Buntings. I know you can make bundt cake but how about bunt cake? I wouldn't need a whole cake, a bunt biscuit would work too.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

13 Meows

Fox Love

Fox Love

I went out with the PM before the cold snap and we put together this makeshift bird feeder. It is an old wicker rocker minus the wicker with some blocks at the seat to make it stable. The seat will be the platform where we put the bird food and bread crusts.

I checked it out right away, hoping the birds would come quick but none came.

That was the last time I was allowed out as the PM looked out the window the next day and thought she saw something reddish, laying on top of the hill out back in the field. She went out for a walk and when she got closer, the thing raised it's head and looked at her.

The PM was talking to the fox, telling it they should be heading off to the woods when she felt eyes on her. She looked straight ahead at another hill and saw this.

It is mating season so we think the foxes are hanging out out back, having a little love in. The PM wishes they would just go because those hills are not our property and the farmer who owns it is a tad crazy. Down the road there are some other crazies who trap coyotes and they had five of them hanging from a line by the side of the road. That makes the PM livid. The PM hasn't seen the foxes the last couple of days but it has been really cold. She'll have to make more of an effort to scare them away so they don't end up a trapper's trophy.

They made fun of me when the PM put a box by the wood stove for me, in the Fall.

They bragged about their fancy beds, all fluffy and fleecy.

Now I can't get out for a sip of water without one of them stealing it!

We hope everycat out there is keeping nice and warm if you are in the deep freeze like us. It has been frigid here in the woods with nighttime temperatures of -30 with windchills of -44!!!!!!! We pretty much hang out by the woodstove all day!!

I am dedicating this Mancat Monday to my crazy cousin from the city, Kenny the Kenstinator.

The Nanny had her birthday party at Aunt L's and while the kids were playing, the adults decided to play a game of "Apples to Apples". In the middle of the game, Kenny jumped onto the table and demanded everyone's attention.

Not only did he interupt the game but he did an extreme mancat move and let out a huge gas bomb as he exited the scene!! All that twisting and turning must have worked something loose from deep within the bowel region. The game could not resume until air cleared. The smell was reportedly similar to a rank beach next to a fish processing plant. Toxic I dare say!

Well done, Kenny. Well done.

Friday, January 16, 2009

21 Meows

My bed

My bed

This is the bed that the Nanny had given us so Banshee would have a bed.

It is mine now. I sleep in it all the time up in the playroom.

The wee ones call it *the screw bed* as they say I have to screw myself into it.

It is a tight fit. I like the snug feelin'.

The PM and the wee ones are headed to the city for a couple of days for errands, swimming lessons and for the Nanny's birthday. They are having a party then going bowling.  They seem to always have fun over at the Nanny's and I was thinking I might want to go too sometime. I always wondered what went on and felt a little left out in the excitement.

I then saw this photo of Kitty Girl.

That kind of excitement I do not need.

The PM was talking to the MM over the weekend, making plans, budgeting, organizing, blah, blah, blah. I just went back to sleep as none of this crap pertains to me. Then she mentioned the blog, our blog. My ears perked up then. Our normal routine is the PM gets up pretty early, has a coffee and sits with me at the computer. We blog and visit my friends until breakfast. This works well, why mess with it right?

Well apparently the PM is feeling like this...

Yep. That would be slug like. I guess that feeling is only good if you are indeed a slug. The PM mentioned "putting herself on the to-do list". I would assume she was on it as she was making it but I guess not. She has allotted "me time" but in the winter, that mainly involves blogging, reading books , being crafty and soaking in the tub. All things that tend to perpetuate the slug feeling.

The new routine will be that the PM gets up early and has to get on "the bike that goes nowhere" for awhile before getting her coffee and blogging with me. That means I will not get to visit as many friends every day. I might only be able to drop by every couple of days. I am hoping it gives her more energy so she's not in bed with a book at 8:30 every night. She may even be able to help me blog sometimes in the evening. I am kind of mad (damn you, Oprah) but I see her point. Maybe I'll do some house laps while she's on the bike. 


On second thought, I'll sleep in.

Disclaimer: This is for demonstration purposes only. Do not attempt any of these moves on your own. I am a trained ice-peeologist with many years of study. I once spent a winter in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut with an Inuit feline who taught me the many secrets of snow and ice latrine use.

The PM was out feeding the birds so I made a beeline outside as I really needed to go! I encountered problems right away. The fluffy snow was actually only a cm thick and under was a sheet of ice. I had to think quick! I really needed to go. It was -23 with the windchill. Think, Goldie, think! What would Master Furrtuff do?

Ah, yes!  I see a trail of tracks that the MM made when he took the compost out a couple of days ago.

This is the tricky part. I peed in one of the frozen boot prints. You need the right angle and you have to watch that your paws don't slip on the ice.

I peed in the toe part and covered using snow from the heel.  Very hard indeed.

Again, do not try any of these moves on your own.

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