Greetings from the cold North!

We did get about 40 cm of snow over the weekend. Spirits were fairly low. The MM had to stay in the city so it was just the PM, wee ones and us cats at home. The PM tried to go out to start shovelling when it was all over and she couldn't open the door more than 8 inches! The back door was the same. She made up her mind to crawl out the front window into the rose bushes but the screens were frozen and wouldn't even thaw with a hairdryer.

A wave of claustrophobia panic descended. I offered to go out but the PM said I was too small to handle the shovel. Rats!! Then the PM thought the wee lad could try. He donned all his snow gear and squeezed through the opening. He couldn't handle the big shovel too well so he dug out the door with a Tupperware cover.

What a production, I tell you!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I went out to check out all the whiteness.

Really pathetic! The banks are so high I could only see blue sky!
I felt like I was in a little mouse trail!

The snow was really powdery and really did a number on my toehawks.
I had to stop for a cleaning four times!!!!


I feel like an explorer on the deserted Arctic Tundra!

Here are some photos from around the yard.

There is about 5 feet of snow in the side yard.

Our lovely Snowdrops are under there somewhere.

Are you guys ok?

Friday, February 25, 2011

26 Meows

Not Fair Friday

Not Fair Friday

If I hang out in the west window.....

... he's there.

Then if I move to the east corner...

... he's here too!!!!!!

I really can't take much more of this teasing.

The PM says she really can't take much more Winter.

We are getting a blizzard today, could be up to 50 cm of snow. Probably lose our internet and maybe the power. At least the wood stove isn't electric!!

I know this is a day late but our internet was down last night so we'll pretend it is Thursday.

Well, Thursday is gardening time with The Society of Feline Gardeners. Up here in Canada, my gardening experience in the Winter amounts to litter box diggage and sleeping on new Seed Catalogues.

Quite pathetic really so I thought we'd tour the white grounds. See how our greenery sleeps.

I know I am an ice peeing Canuck mancat extraordinaire but I have to say I did take pause before venturing out of doors.

The snow is deep.

The ice teeth a wee menacing.

I took the plunge and padded down the path.

Wow! Snow, snow and more snow my friends.

A little hole dug out of the pergola .

The bird feeder seems adequate.
No feathered friends around unfortunately.

A word of caution to those of you who are thinking of exploring your Winter outdoor spaces. If you have high banks of snow and you are the owner of a particularly plume-y tail, you may end up like this.

Don't let that bother you.
Become one with the flakes.
Do not jump and twist like someone just dropped a centipede on your back.
Breathe through it and continue your tour.

Here we have our ground feeders area. The Crows and Mourning Doves enjoy this spot.
I wanted to check out the other two feeders but the PM said I'd have to don some feline snowshoes to get to them as it is too hard to keep the path to them cleared so she just snowshoes out to them.

I decided to pass.

Before I went back inside, I stopped for a nice roll and some lovin'.

I was so distracted by the love that I missed a Downy that was right next to me!

I will have to be more alert next time.

Hope you enjoyed the White Walk with me!

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