I'm now 12 years old so I wanted to share a post from 8 years ago.🐱

I am very happy today as it is my 4th GOTCHA Day!!!!!!  I am now 4 1/2 years old, give or take a couple of weeks.

I was on my way to a shelter when my previous owners sister tried one last hope, she called the PM.  The PM thought about it for a few seconds and said, "Bring him here". The first couple of days I lived in the laundry room. I was still a little nervous and for some reason the piles of clothes calmed me. That and there was a gate separating me and the 18 month wee lad. I was not used to sticky beans.

Here is my first photo.  I didn't look too floofy then

For my party, I thought I would give you all some climbing lessons.  We have about 25 pine trees lining one side of the yard so that would be room for all of us.

Firstly, take a running leap and climb the trunk until you reach the first branches. Once settled, scope the higher ones to see where you want to go.

Take your time moving along. Stalk a few birds while you are up here.

Turning can be a little tricky. Be wary of the small branches, stay close to the inside, don't walk too far toward the edges

Well done!  If you have a hard time getting down, the PM will help you. She has the big ladder all ready to go!

If you are not too tired, I will take you all on a tour of my favorite hunting spots, maybe we'll catch some snacks.

For you fine furiends that are clawless, Shade has some activities lined up for you too.  There is the "lose yourself in the overgrown berm"game, the cricket pounce and the ever popular race across the property as fast as you can.

I hope you all have a good time. Thanks for making this day special for me.

Today I looked not too bad. So of course I just had to take a selfie.

Ooo look at that angle!

I needed to join in!

    Let's try to add a little motion!


                                              The natural pose.

Who do you think took better selfies?

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