Friday, September 18, 2009

20 Meows



Our computer is broken. no keyboard. The PM is cut and pasteing this from Our blog. it is eight years old . She hopes it will be just getting a new keyboard.


The ever witty Fin has decided that this should be Tweet Week, celebrating everything feathery.

We thought we had nothing to share then something very tweetly happened. We interrupt our summer round up posts for a couple of birdie specials.

As some of you may remember, our chimney and woodstove are a very popular Fall vacation destination for our winged friends. The first guest of the season arrived unannounced. How rude!

Banshee, as usual, is the welcoming party.

I join in, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Of course we were not expecting any visitors and the hearth is a disaster and the stove is full of scrap paper awaiting the first fire to scare away the frost. I don't think this was the nest that the bird was expecting.

Our normal routine is the PM shuts all the blinds, blocks off the stairs and the kitchen then fixes the door wide open. She then opens the stove and the crazy bird flies out, through the livingroom, into the entry and out the door. Piece of cake.

Well, with new windows came new blinds. The PM opted for simple light filtering bamboo ones. Not the best choice when facing a bird evacuation.

The crazy bird went no where near the door and got itself trapped between the blinds and the window.

Finally the PM decided to open up a window and take out the screen. She and the wee ones then corralled the bird and it made it to the opening.

Too bad. I bet I could have showed it a real good time.

We were just getting settled in when everyone packed up for their trip to Prince Edward Island. We were to be at home during this and had our catsitter all lined up. The windows were not finished so we had to stay in the city. The PM wasn't too worried though as we really seemed relaxed in our new surroundings.

So they left and headed to the beach.

I am glad we stayed home as I really wouldn't be up for another trip. Not that we were even asked mind you.

While they were away, they must have missed us as they went searching for animal friends.

Whoa buddy!!! Don't they have a dental plan were you are?

The PM was particularly taken with this little goat, visiting him three times. He was only a few weeks old and was leaping and frolicking. She had wanted to have sheep and now she wants sheep and a couple of goats.

That's not such a bad idea after all. Maybe I'd be allowed out again in my new roll as Guard/ Herding Mancat.

Monday, September 14, 2009

21 Meows

On the Road

On the Road

So we were whisked away to the big city with barely any notice. The PM had asked for about half a weeks notice as The Nanny had to get Kitty Girl down to the cottage with Treepie. She had wanted to take us in two trips as we only have two carriers. Well, the contractors showed up on a Monday at suppertime with the windows saying they would be back to start at 8 am the next morning. It was a crazy evening for sure. The Music Man was working so the PM had to run around, pack us and the wee ones up to go, move everything off of our ledges, move furniture etc.

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, we ALL had to pack in the car. Banshee and I were in carriers, each one on a wee one's lap and Shade was on the PM's lap in her harness. Half way to town, I became quite fearful and had an accident. Not pleasant what so ever. I am really not ready to talk about it yet.

We show up at The Nanny's and she was away so Kitty Girl is still there. We ended up staying in the basement until she went down country the next morning.

Even though it was a traumatic and rushed trip over, we settled in quite quickly. Shade was especially happy and seemed to enjoy the new place.

Banshee and I really liked the puffy livingroom furniture which enabled us to recline in style.

The PM and the wee ones finally moved back home yesterday from the city and I demanded that we make an appearance on our poor neglected blog. It has been a crazy summer. We were all in the city for over a month then came home for a few days then the wee ones and PM left again for weeks, long lonely computer-less weeks. The renos are still underway but it is liveable so we are finally back together.

We are officially back to our blogging routine next Monday as we are taking this week to get caught up on all our friends!! Thanks so much for dropping by this summer to say "hi"! We really missed everyone!!

I am leaving you with a rare shot of the three of us in a small window ledge. No fur was flying.

Now off to visit...

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