Finally we get to post something. The PM was gone with the wee ones for half of last week then she was busy getting ready for yesterday which we had the whole family up for The Grampie's birthday. She said to get used to it as they are getting ready to paint the house and that apparently will take forever! We will be lucky if we get to blog once a week for the next while.

I love having company for two reasons. The first is more attention and hearing things like, "Goldie, you are such a handsome fluffy boy!". The second is that the PM always sets out these nice blanket thingies so we can truly relax while waiting for the company to arrive. She's so thoughtful that PM!

Yesterday was a busy day as we had plenty feather friends over too.

A wonderful way to spend a few hours.

Our Finch friends~ Goldfinch and Purple Finch

Friday, May 21, 2010

33 Meows

The View

The View

Our wild friends have been keeping us busy.

The majority of the time you can find us like this.

Or like this.

Watching critters like this

and this

or this.

We leave you with this video of the vixen and the two kits. They love our mulch pile in the front yard and are normally frolicking there in the early morning and evening. The video shows Mom fox bringing over some *breakfast* for the kits. They seem to like to have a little play before they eat!

The tune is The Valley Town by Canadian Alt. country/folk rock band Elliott Brood. This is the PM's favorite song right now and we thought it suited those leaping foxes!

When the PM takes a leisurely soak in the tub, I like to join her. It's calm and relaxing. I enjoy partaking in some sips of warm, bubbly water. I have to pace myself though as if I drink too much, I end up having sickish wet burbs which cause the PM's face to fill with terror. Apparently she is worried I'll end up *adding* to the bath water.

Ahhh... maybe I'll have a little nap, pool side.

I should have locked that dumb door!

What PM? You are outside for some Society of Feline Gardeners photos? I'll be right out!!

Foxes. Huge egg sac still hanging from tree.

On second thought. You're on your own PM!!

Our Rhododendron is in full bloom.

Forsythia are looking bright and cheery.

Our poor magnolia is still going. Only one bloom this year. It was here when we bought the place and is in a horrid spot with lots of wind. There was a beautiful purple one too by the clothesline but we think it died this winter. No wonder the previous owner lost his landscaping business, he's a total gardening twit!

We had lots of outdoor action to keep us occupied this weekend.

The papa fox took one of the kits out hunting with him and the other little one did some tracking of this own in our front yard!

What does he spy in that tree?

A bird?

A few minutes after he left, a dark figure started down the tree.

A prickly critter!

The kit came back a few minutes later and tracked the porcupine through the berm.

This one has what it takes to live in the wilds we think!

The joy of Spring brings with it the irritation of birds in our woodstove. The first one of the year flew down the chimney while we were in the house by ourselves and the PM groaned as she walked in to the telltale claws scraping metal distress signal.

The wee lad went to investigate and said "I see something oval in there!"

The PM peeked in and was shocked to see there was an EGG laying there in the ashes.

The PM got the Starling out then went to see the egg. Yep, the poor Starling was probably ready to lay the egg and it just popped out as she was all flustered being in the stove.

When the wee lad saw the egg, he was sooo excited as he thought we could keep it warm and we could take care of it until it hatched. He said "It's our lucky day!!" He really loves birds, and not for the same reason I love them.

The PM felt horrible having to tell him that the egg had become too cold and it would not be able to grow anymore. They took the egg outside and made a little nest for it in the field so it could go back to nature.

I did get a chance to give it a little inspection before it left. Very interesting indeed.
No fev-vers though. Maybe next time.

The foxes were no where to be seen so the PM took me out for a walk.

I did keep my eyes peeled for them.

I checked how the Music Man was making out with all the pruning.

Not too bad. More work to be done though. Chop! Chop! MM!!!

Time for a nice roll in the garden.

I then spotted something weird.

This huge odd looking egg sack.

I'm not sticking around to see what comes out of that thing!!!

For more green fun check out The Society of Feline Gardeners!

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