Wednesday, August 22, 2012

25 Meows

Summer Update

Summer Update

Hello furriends!!  

It has been way too long. Once a season really doesn't cut it at all. We are aiming for a better Fall!

Things have been busy here.

Shade enjoys some extreme Frisbee.

Banshee enjoyed her critter sitting Summer job.

Ratta the bun.

Flock of keets.

The PM also worked very hard on the wee lass's 7th birthday party, needing lots of feline assistance!

Banshee was in charge of window ledge sea diorama patrol...

while Goldie had the very important mermaid tail guard.

Banshee also tried to be part of the entertainment committee but that backfired a little bit. Two days before the party the PM was in a panic trying to get things planned and the decorating started.  Banshee had gone out to the wood room for a snoop and brought back in with her a little friend.

The PM heard a squeal and Banshee dropped something which ran under the stove. The PM hoped it was just a mouse but when she moved the stove she saw a long tail.  There was a weasel loose in the house!  

It was pandemonium!!! 

The beast left the premises but it was quite an ordeal with us cats being locked up in the bedrooms for 24 hrs and the PM sleeping on the kitchen table.  That type of help the PM does not need!!

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