Friday, December 21, 2012

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Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes

We weren't able to send out snail mail cards this year so this is a virtual one for you all!!

The PM knit us a wool bed and it wouldn't felt so it is kind of like a floppy basket. She was very disappointed but Banshee is in love with it!!

May you all find a warm floppy basket of your own this Holiday Season!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Hi furriends!!

We are back with a post that should have been up and running months ago. The PM was working on developing a home school co-op program so she's been busy.  The DVD player died so this poor computer has been getting lots of use and the PM has it only for about an hour a day. She is getting an ipad for Christmas so paws crossed that that will lead to more posts! The Nanny is also getting into the modern ages and just bought her first computer so the PM will now have Internet usage when they are in town which is half of the week!

Enough about the PM and her time management issues, let's move onto the good stuff...US!!!!

We have three surprises to share with you all.

First off, look at this cool mat the PM bought us in PEI! She couldn't pass it by since it looks like all three of us! I was excited to show the comparison but it is hard to see around my body. Believe me, I am sitting on my exact likeness. We are pretending the middle one has some white on the underside for Shade.

Next we won a super fun gift basket!

Well, not us really. The PM took the kids on a Cat Walk to support our local cat rescue group and they were giving away prizes for the best cat costume and the wee lass won.

It contained nip! Banshee could not resist and climbed right in!

Our final surprise was a big one!

When the PM was over in PEI at the end of the summer she went out for lunch with #1 from over at The Poupounette! They had a great chat and plans were made for a get together next year, maybe with some other cat bloggers from the East Coast.

#1 and her crew gave us fantastic gift!

I couldn't wait to dive right in!

 Toys and treats, our favs!!!

Banshee got tired of waiting and chewed right into these turkey bites.

Of course Miss Shade watched from the sidelines.

She didn't like the turkey. 

Oh well, more for me!

The PM opened the Party Mix for her though so we all had a nice snack.

Thanks so much Poupounette critters and #1!!!

We'll be back next week with a Holiday post for sure.
 The PM isn't sending many cards out this year so she promised we'd put up a Christmas post. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Summer Update

Summer Update

Hello furriends!!  

It has been way too long. Once a season really doesn't cut it at all. We are aiming for a better Fall!

Things have been busy here.

Shade enjoys some extreme Frisbee.

Banshee enjoyed her critter sitting Summer job.

Ratta the bun.

Flock of keets.

The PM also worked very hard on the wee lass's 7th birthday party, needing lots of feline assistance!

Banshee was in charge of window ledge sea diorama patrol...

while Goldie had the very important mermaid tail guard.

Banshee also tried to be part of the entertainment committee but that backfired a little bit. Two days before the party the PM was in a panic trying to get things planned and the decorating started.  Banshee had gone out to the wood room for a snoop and brought back in with her a little friend.

The PM heard a squeal and Banshee dropped something which ran under the stove. The PM hoped it was just a mouse but when she moved the stove she saw a long tail.  There was a weasel loose in the house!  

It was pandemonium!!! 

The beast left the premises but it was quite an ordeal with us cats being locked up in the bedrooms for 24 hrs and the PM sleeping on the kitchen table.  That type of help the PM does not need!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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The News

The News

Hello, hello friends!!

Wow!! First post of 2012 and it's APRIL.

The PM now runs a Young Naturalist Club for home schooling families so lately we are lucky if we get some snuggle time and a quick game of  mouse toss let alone blogging time. We said how much more natural can you get than us three fine felines but apparently they are interested in outdoorsy nature stuff.  


This morning the PM couldn't sleep and was up at 2am. She was able to get all her work done early so here we are, able to blog finally. Paws crossed for an insomnia streak!!

Last week was Shade's birthday and she enjoyed a walk outside. She is now 13 yrs. old!! 
We didn't have too bad of a winter here this year and the snow is now all gone.

Banshee and I have been taking it easy. Keeping an eye on Shade.
A real close eye.

Sometimes Banshee gets into hibernation mode and hides away somewhere for awhile. Normally though she's easy to find as she fails to hide away all the white bits!

I have been dying to share this next photo with you all forever! Last month the two wee ones were sick and up most of the night.  I, being the ever helpful companion, saw an opportunity to help and I jumped on it. 


I then tossed it up onto the stove so it would be all ready for a quick morning fry up.

The PM failed to share my delight and was not at all gracious when she saw my offering at 3am when she was bringing the throw up bucket downstairs to rinse out. 

I tell you she really is an odd lady.

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