It has been a real mixed bag this weekend out here in the woods.

The temperature was not too bad and the snow was melting fast! The bad news: it flowed right into our basement.

The PM and MM went to the bank and got the monies for the new windows! Yippee, I can't wait! They even got some extra money and can do a couple of other projects as well. The problem: they can't agree on what to do and how to do it. Everything has to be totally completed by mid July and times a tickin'! In a couple of weeks the gardens will start crying for attention and that is weeks of work. The PM is up to her eyeballs in magazines, how-to books, websites, paint chips....

Banshee has Spring Fever bad! She bolts every time the door is opened and has escaped four times. She has to be locked in the bathroom when the beans are bring in groceries or loading up the car as she can't be trusted.

Also the wee lass has been having some fear issues. The PM figures it is just a stage she is going through. She seems to be preoccupied with death, mainly the PM's and is needing extra attention. The PM's Grammie died last August and the PM thinks the wee lass is now just dealing with it as she had only just turning four next month. She's been having nightmares and is very emotional. The PM is trying to do special one on one things with her to ease her mind a bit.

Yesterday the PM and wee lass dressed up as fairies all afternoon and the PM made up a song about a beautiful fairy in her kitchen. The wee lass asked the PM to sing it at least 20 times. The PM remembered a gift she had bought the lass when she was brand new and went to get it. She had been waiting for the right time to give it to her and this was it.

It is a sweet set of Fairy rooms that snap together to make a little cottage. Each room comes with a fairy.

The real neat thing is that one of the fairies has the same name as the PM.

The PM carefully took "Danica" out of her little satin bag. Isn't she sweet. But what's this?

Yep, "Danica" is missing a hand. The PM could have cried.

Thankfully it was found in the folds of the bag and can be glued on.

The PM is rather emotional herself now and is feeling drained. We have decided to take a little break from blogging so the PM can get the renos planned, the wee lass contented and her creative juices topped up. I don't know where you get a bottle of creative juices, maybe on Ebay.

The PM is in need of yellow and green. She is tired of  grey and brown. I have decided to post her favorite photo from last summer to help her get her mojo back!! I still can't get over how handsome I looked!

OK friends. Try to act real casual like when reading this post. All natural.

The PM is busy planning the veg and flowers gardens. Catalogues strewn all over the kitchen table. I always lend a paw, pressing pages open for her, licking her hand while she writes, you know, just saying "I love you".

I started reading a page I was pressing and I saw this!

HOLY CROW!!!!!!!!!! I thought I must be dreaming. Succulent hens and chicks. Seeds for Chick-Hen in the garden.

I read the description and they seem a tad colourful but I am liking the fleshy part!!!

I am thinking of dropping some hints over the weekend so the PM includes these seeds in the order. I might even get the wee ones in on it. She's lets them plan part of the garden. You should do some page pressing too this weekend! We could have fields of fowl come August, my friends!!!

OK, don't get too excited though. Put your serious face on like me.

Good. Good. Our little secret.

I am extremely excited about this. I actually have some cool cats to hang out with!

Goldie has his Mancat Club and Gorgeous Gingers and Shade has the Tuxies. I asked Goldie once what group I could belong to and he said, "I don't think they have a crazy looking cat group." Ha, ha. Real funny Goldie.

I am now part of the Silky and Slender Crew with sweet adventurous Chilli and all her cool, great friends!!!

I am so happy and hope to have lots of fun!!!!!

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