Thank you all so much for the purrs for the PM. It was a rough, painful, sleepless week but over the weekend her neck really improved and it now hurts only a smidgen.

I am glad to be back as I was getting a little bored waiting. Last night I did another escape move and took off running when they came home. I got about twenty feet, freaked myself out with all the wind and ran back to the door. Am I getting all soft?? I will have to ponder that this week.

Now, I want to move on to our big review.

Our friend, Drew from The World's Best Cat Litter had contacted us to see if we wanted to give this litter a try. We said sure, who wouldn't be up for a pooping experiment. They sent us a bag to try.

This is a clumping litter made from renewable whole-kernel corn and is 100% biodegradable. They claim it is the best at controlling odor, is much safer for cats to use, clumps quickly, easily scoopable and lasts a long time.

So one bag is supposed to last three cats for ten days. We filled up the pan.

I gave it my mancat inspection.

Then had a little whizz.

Here are our results.

  • The litter is so pretty, you could put it in glass bowls and use it as decorations. Lovely yellow colour. The PM says it is so much better to look at then our regular grey stuff.
  • It smells fresh and really does do a great job with taking care of any odors.
  • Also rates high on the clumping/scooping factor.
  • The only problem we had was when the PM put our other litter box down too, like when they were going to be gone for the day/overnight, we exclusively used the old grey stuff. The PM found that odd. Shade said the litter was too nice to mess up. It looked like it should be sprinkled on yogurt with fruit for a light snack. But when we just had the one litter, we used it without any complaint.

Overall, we agree this litter is great. We can purchase it near here too. We haven't gone to check it out yet so we don't know about the cost per bag. We are assuming it is more costly than our regular stuff but it does seem to last longer and the PM says it was so much nicer to clean. We don't know if a switch is in the budget but it is definitely worth a try and we recommend it to our feline friends.

Thanks Drew for letting us try this out!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

33 Meows

Trio Tuesday

Trio Tuesday

It is rare that we are all this close to each other.

It helps that I am on a pedestal.

They didn't even ask me to join but I think it would be a little too close for comfort.

I like the view up here and I can stretch all I want!

note~ We won't be able to post or leave any comments for a couple of days as the PM pulled a muscle in her neck getting out of bed and she can't move it. She has to have it in a totally straight position or it hurts like heck. She's fit to be tied as she is in the middle of making our Christmas cards and she wanted to get them in the mail this week. I'll see if I can give her a massage later.

Monday, November 23, 2009

20 Meows

We got mail!

We got mail!

We were excited to see that the whole family got something in the mail last week. The MM got a book, the wee one's got a Holiday set from Lego, the PM got circular knitting needles from Ebay and we got the best package of everyone! We won a prize from Hans,Tesla and Ben for being the first commentors on their 300th post.

We got a cool super feather hanging toy! Soory the pic is sooo bright. Dang PM.

We also got this sweet kitty bowl. The PM has decided that this will be an extra bowl for Shade and she refuses to eat with Banshee out of the same bowl and normally she waits on the side until Banshee is finished.

We hung up our toy and Banshee gave it a good goin' over!

Thank you so much!!!!!

That's right. I may be 10 years old and Goldie may call me the clawless wonder but I showed them.

The MM was outside with the wee ones and I was hanging around the door wanting out. Since they were playing in the yard he opened the door and let me out sans harness. He is a little more laissez faire then the PM. I was enjoying my freedom, closely suspervised by the wee lass.

Canon, our friend up the road must have sensed I was out and trotted over a few minutes later. The PM was inside and heard the wee ones hollering so she ran out. Canon had reached the driveway and they were scared he'd hurt me, maybe not recognize me as a friend since it's been so long.

I wasn't scared one bit. I froze, staring as he walked closer. Look at my serious pose.

Then, in a black and white blur, I ran at him and he tried to hide in the grass.

I told him this was my yard and that he had to ask permission to stay here.

He agreed and ran to the pine trees. I was right on his tail, galloping like a horse.

We walked around for a bit then the PM thought I had enough excitement for one day and took me in.

This is what I saw as we walked back to the house. Miss Banshee saw the whole thing.

I think she even looks at me now with a new sense of respect.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

32 Meows

Triple T Tribute

Triple T Tribute

No need for words is there?

I am going to share with you what I did for fun this weekend.

I was by the windows but not enjoying the view from them. I was on a mission. I followed them around the house, window to window until I could get them.

Flies. Lovely little buzzing morsels. So chewy. A nice light snack; slightly savory with a touch of sweetness. Crackerjacks with wings.

My post fly serene face.

The PM says not to come too close though. Apparently my fly-breath is atrocious.

Friday, November 13, 2009

30 Meows

The Warm Chair

The Warm Chair

The PM had the best chair in the house.

She recently went to a wool farm and came home with a big bag of mixed fleece for felting.

Some of the wool was not carded, just dyed so she was going through it, brushing it and picking the little pieces of straw out.

I had been watching by the stairs. She looked so comfortable and warm sitting in the lovely sunbeams. She got up to change the channel on the radio and I acted quick.

"What? You were still sitting here?"

"But it is soooo warm here. A cat needs to be in the beam"
I waited.
Would she move me or not?

Of course not.
She went to the other, sunless chair.

Thanks PM! She remembers a plaque her Grammie had on the wall.

If you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the cat.

I guess she didn't want it that bad.

This is the last of my favorite places to nap series. This one is not for the faint of heart. Only mancats and ladycats who endure such extreme activities as ice peeing should attempt this.

You have heard of bed of nails. This is bed of drill bits.

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