We were tagged by the two sweeties, Sweet Ariel and Sweet Praline for the Quirk Meme.

Looks like fun here are the rules...

* Link to the one who tagged you.

* List the rules on your blog.

* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

* Tag some blogger friends with links.

* Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Since we were tagged twice, we are doing 12 quirks. I am going today and Shade is working on hers for Tuxie Tuesday.

1. I have very curly, kinky whiskers. The PM was worried they had been singed when I came as a kitten, they looked like they had been crimped. They seem to be smoother now.

2. Most of my whiskers are white but I have one black one on each side
3. I love to lick plastic bags or wrapping, drives them nuts at night.
4. The inside of my ears look spit cleaned. Like looking in a sea shell.
5. I like to sit on top of the wheelbarrow when it is filled with weeds and soil.
6. I love the Music Man's 12 hr work day stinky socks. I roll and roll in them then walk around with my mouth hangin' open.
7. I really enjoy the snow.
8. I can pee on the ice
9. I come when called just like a dog
10. My fur is as soft as spun silk.
11. I am very good at climbing door jams. Sometimes I make it right to the top. I should work for the phone/electric company.
12. Most people think I am a girl

After my daily romp in the field, I noticed something had come back inside with me.

Maybe I can keep it as my own pet. I'll name him Buzz.

He is a tad slow.

Really, really slow.

Here let me help you along.

I am going to end with the Good so you'll forget about the Ugly. It's REALLY ugly.

First off, the Bad. We have some really limp lupins. We don't know why, it is a couple of the purple ones. They look a little depressed or confused on which way is up.

Now, the Ugly. The PM was checking out the tomato bed and found ::whispers:: a large mushy mancat poop. I tried to lie my way out of it but a mother always knows. I couldn't help myself, really. The PM says I have a huge field in which to do my business. But really, would you, my fine fellow cats, rather use the facilities in this...

...or this.

All that aside, I would sincerely like to apologize. I know you like natural fertilizer in the garden but not THIS natural.

"I am SOOOOO sorry"

Moving quickly onto the Good. Our new friend, Jazmin
had contacted us and asked if she could interview us for her "Cool Cats" Friday Posts. We were surprised but very excited! Check out our interviews here

We are sad to hear that Emil has probably gone to the Bridge. He was a sweet cat and will be greatly missed by his friends and family. He lived his life surveying the desert in all its glory, wonder, excitement and danger. I understand that drive, to be free with nature, to run where the wild ones run.

Our new blooms are for him and his family.

First off I would like to thank our super cool friend Skeeter for giving us our 2nd "You Make My Day Award".

Thank you, thank you! We look forward to your antics, too. We are so happy that we have met such interesting kitties!

Yesterday, Goldie was discussing money and referred to green papers. He is easily influenced and really hasn't been around money too much. He hears a lot of you kitties talking about the green papers and wanted to join the group. Goldie, those are American kitties with the green papers. We are Canadian kitties. It is different up here.

I went through the PM's purse (doesn't it look like me?) and decided to conduct a currency lesson. Goldie! Pay attention!

OK, so $10 equals half a green paper or a whole purple paper

or two blue papers

or five polar bear coins

or, finally, ten water bird coins.

Goldie, you better study up as there will be a quiz before you go out today.

The PM was going on about a wonderful soap she had bought while they were all away a couple of weeks ago. She says it is the best soap she has ever tried, she loves it, loves it, loves it. I think WOW that must be some pretty bar of soap. Then I find out she spent $10, yes TEN green papers on it. Who spends that kind of money on a flippin bar of soap????

I thought I better take a look at this soap from the gods. I was expecting to see flower petals, shimmering sparkles and maybe even slivers of a real rainbow.

No, this is it.

Gross is all I can think of. She actually puts this thing on her poor skin AND she likes it.

I think she can give me ten green papers and I'll buy a case of soap from Costco. I'll tie one on a string and drag it through the garden, up the trees, over the ant hills and around the mouse corpses. They will look similar to that and that $10 would give her a year of soap.

The mouse parts and thistle bits would be excellent exfoliants.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

24 Meows

Bird watching

Bird watching

The PM was looking at a cedar waxwing in one of our pines so I decided to take a little gander myself.

This is nice...

There you are waxwing. Come here, I have a secret to tell you.

Dang! He flew away. The PM needs to learn that you need pure silence when hunting... I mean, bird watching. Screaming "Goldie, get down here right now!", will scare everyone.

The PM gets afeared when I step on wee braches like this. Don't worry, I am a professional.

Have a wonderful weekend all, go out and climb a tree or stay inside and climb your cat tree!

Can you see me?

Look closer.

Here I am!

Now that the flowers and shrubs have filled out, the front of the house has become the perfect hiding spot. I can see all the comings and goings, I am not in the blazing sun but I get some heat. You have to make sure you are pressed up against the house without any cat bits overflowing the edges. Goldie NEVER finds me when I am here and neither does the PM. On this day she had walked around the property for 15 minutes scouting for me. Yelling my name. I just sat back and smiled to myself.

We also received this wonderful award from sweet JB! You make our day too, JB!

We would like to pass this award to our new friend, Kilroy. He is very funny and we really enjoy reading what he has been up to and what he's been pondering lately.

I think I am a little stressed out and needed to let off some steam.

I beat up an unicorn.

That can't be good, right?

I mean isn't it some type of magical beast or something?

Not good at all.

Today is going to be a sleepy kind of day. I haven't been able to blog much this week as we have been put on limited computer use. It has been acting wonky, quitting in the middle of things so the Music Man has been trying to clean it up and fix it. Also, the PM's Grammie isn't well and she took a turn for the worse last weekend. Since we are on slow-as-molasses dial-up out here in the woods, we tie up the phone line if we are on the computer. The PM was worried the Nanny would be trying to reach her and she wouldn't get through. The PM and her sister went to visit Grammie yesterday and she seems a little better, frail but at least still mobile. She's 90 so I think that's pretty good. I am going to try squeezing in more visits to my friends this week, if I can.

I just want to say a big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the cool pops out there in the catblogosphere!!!!!!

SlĂ inte mhath!

Our lovely friend Storm has gone to join the other angel kitties on the Rainbow Bridge. She fought a brave battle with cancer but was very tired. She will be greatly missed and we are sending comforting purrs to her brother Castle and her meowmies.

The foxes have not been seen for a few weeks now so I have been allowed back out. Not all the time, mind you, but if the beans are out, I can go too. I spent a long time doing my patrols and checking everything out.

Mice beware! I have returned.

Got two of them first day out.

Life is good.

I just want to start things off by saying how saddened we are to hear about of of friend Lilly who has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Our purrs go out to her family and Laila. She will be greeted by the fine felines who have gone before her.

We are also purring for Eric who is feeling under the weather.

The PM found another magnolia in bloom today which she thought had died over the winter. We are sending this bloom to all the kitties out there in need of some purrs and their families.

Last week we were given this award from our friend Tesla.

Thanks so much! We love it!

So the family got back from their trip. I was a little mad that I hadn't been taken along. I deserve a little break too. Then I saw some photos.

Boats=water. I'd rather stay on dry land, thank you very much!

Start small, dream big.

The whole family is going away for a mini vacation. First time for the wee ones in a hotel. They have been to cottages but never hotels. Everyone is pretty excited and getting packed up. I am trying to look online frantically for plans on how to make a cat flap. I am sure they'd let me keep it if I built it myself. Pearl, Jake and Bert are having a trashing party so I'll go over there and maybe some handy cats will come help me. I may have to borrow some tools.

I'll be back visiting on the weekend.

For those of you who do not live with such a creature, I am going to share with you what it is like to co-habitate with a three year old little lady.

Thanks so much. I thought my bangs were hanging too much in my eyes.

I really think Goldie should be wearing this one.

I am sure Daisy will be real jealous with this look.

My new kitten cousins are doing pretty good and growing like the weeds in the PM's garden. There seems to be an odd habit with Bella, the little tuxie.

Hi there, Bella Stella.

I know this kind of embarrassing but maybe some of my feline friends can help.

You want me to ask? OK.

Well, to put it simply, sweet Bella here wants to pee and poop down the drains. She does it in the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink and in the bathtub. The PM's sister is at a loss and doesn't know why she is doing it and how to get her to stop. Kenny, the bro doesn't do it at all, just Bella.

I have no clue. I have been known to use the facilities in various venues but never in the drains. Too much work and you really need a dead on aim.

So, does any cat out there have any ideas??????

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