Even though he gets on my nerves.

I have to admit....

I am rather fond of that apricot fool.

Sometimes you just need a little "leg-up"!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

26 Meows

Hi Friends!

Hi Friends!

We are finally back!

The PM has been so busy with her secular homeschooling group that she has had no time for anything. It is the only one in the province and the PM can see why; it's a lot of work!

We are all fine though and happy summer is finally here in all it's glory.

Shade has been hanging out with the Blue Jays.

Banshee has been hanging out with the cardboard.

Goldie is always busy eyeballing the crows.

Our furry pals have also been by for continued entertainment.

Those fox kits have really grown quickly this year. They are so cute. The PM wants to pet one but knows it is a no-no!

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