Thursday, October 29, 2009

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For some laughs

For some laughs

We have just been LOL'd!!!

Come check us out over at Wendy's LOL Spot.

Thanks so much Wendy! Very funny! The wee one's were thrilled especially! We read LOL cats and I Can has Cheeseburger with them all the time!!

We are doing our Halloween post early as the PM and MM are going away to see some band named Blondie in concert. Goldie thought he should go too as this Blondie person sounds like she could be his girlfriend. I said Blondie and Goldie does have a nice ring to it but it would never work.

While Goldie pondered this, I decided to help the wee ones get ready for the Spooky Night!

The PM and the wee ones were making weird collage pumpkins. I enjoy crafts so I got right in the midst of things.

I pointed out a cool cat picture and thought they could make a Frightful Feline.

They used the cat alright. One eye.

Here's a nice close up for ya. So much for a Spooky Halloween, this is the Slightly Demented version.

The PM has tried a few times since last Spring to take me outside on the harness but there is NO way that I am letting that happen. As soon as I am put on the ground I go into a death-roll and practically strangle myself. I can't handle the confined feeling and my escape moves are not working as planned.

Soooo, all that to say that since I am house-bound, I rather enjoy going over any outside plant item that finds it's way inside. First the carrot tops, then the lovely nip and now a sunflower!

Worth a little nibble but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Those birds and squirrels must be a little crazy.

I can't believe it. Snow and quite a bit of it. It should go away soon though.

The PM opened the door to take a few pictures and Banshee seized the opportunity to hop out! Thankfully she was shocked by the white stuff and didn't run. The PM just scooped her up.

Later, the wee ones went out to make a snowman and Shade wanted to join them. Are you sure Shade?

The PM knew what was going to happen and just let Shade walk out without her harness.

Yep. Just like I thought. The old in and out trick.

ps- That is not a tiny child by Shade, it is the wee lass's waterproof doll.

Friday, October 23, 2009

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Catnip Fever!!!

Catnip Fever!!!

The PM felt that my old bed was getting a bit worse for wear. She replaced it and moved my bed here.

Looks like a boring place for a feline to recline until you see what it is next to.

It is getting white and crispy in the mornings so we have started the fire. Yippee!!!! Let the slow roasting begin!!!

I thought I should show you all what all the fuss was over the summer. While we had to go to the city for all those weeks! We had all new windows put in. I can't tell you how wonderful they are. Really nice to be able to open anyone you wish. Most of our old ones were painted shut!

The new moulding had to be sanded and varnished so the PM and the Music Man decided to sand and revarnish all the ledges too as they were in bad shape. I guess that was a real pain in the rump and caused a lot of mess. It took them about three weeks to do it but I am sooo happy now that they did.

The ledges got rearranged and us cats now have a roost in all of them!!!

Our bird watching chair.

We also got two new cat (really dawg) beds as the PM felt bad that she had forgot, yes FORGOT, my Gotcha Day in August.

This window does not open as we had three that already did in the livingroom. Banshee enjoys the unobstructed view atop the lego box.

Our divine large ledge.

New bed here too.

Finally, our "Paw it Forward" bed from Parker. Shade even sleeps in it now! Banshee is getting better at sharing.

Note the nice shiny wood!

Friday, October 16, 2009

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The PM went away a few weeks ago overnight and came back smelling like strange animals. She spent the night with these two and her friend in their new cottage.

The darker one is Molly and she is only about nine months old. Max is the golden fella and he is about 10 years old.

Molly loves dragging branches around, even if they are as big as trees. The PM says she is still just a puppy. I hate to see what she'll be dragging around next summer. Maybe telephone poles.

The PM and her friend went to call the dawgs to come inside and they would not come. They had to get in the car and go looking for them. Molly is still a little wild and had led Max on a run down the road. They drove up the hill and saw the dawgs in the middle of the road. Molly looked all excited but Max started flying back to the cottage in a cloud of dust. He knew he did something he wasn't allowed to do. Heck, I'd do that too if I had a chance!!!

Then they were pretty tuckered. Oh, life in the fast lane.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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A Visitor

A Visitor

Our friend Canon came over for a visit. I tried to explain to Banshee that he is a friend and that when we used to go out, he'd hang out with us in the yard. She wouldn't listen and treated him like an invader!

Note the sausage tail.

Poor Canon was just sitting in front of the door waiting for us to come out. The PM feels bad that we can't go run with our friend.

Banshee on the other hand just wants him to go somewhere else! Note the back mohawke.

A couple of weekends ago, Canon was in the yard and caught a bird while I watched from the window. Can you believe that?? My bird and my yard!!! I was so mad I looked around the windows, found a fly, caught and ate it just to show him I still had what it takes. The PM thought it was disgusting and said I had fly breath for the rest of the day.

This past weekend the PM found a little present left for me by the door.

Thanks Canon, I forgive you.

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