Ok, I have to admit, I may have over reacted. The PM explained the "woofie photo" and now I feel stupid for being so melodramatic. It seems like the D-O-G belonged to the owners of the cottages who lived on the property. This is their dog who came to visit the cottagers. She was in the PM's cottage for some attention and she was smiling because she had just eaten two Ritz crackers. I guess she was a real sweet dog and the PM said if she was going to have a dog, she would want one just like her. I never knew this was even an option. Not right now though, I have been told.

Moving on quickly....

I wanted to show you the PM's favorite spot on PEI. It is a little artsy fishing village called "Victoria-by-the-Sea".

It is a quaint little village with a wonderful cafe, chocolatiers and a playhouse.

Sweet homes and lots of charm. There are two artists-in-residence that the PM checks out. One works with glass and has a studio in the post office.

The other is the studio gallery of Doreen Foster. She is a wonderful artist whose medium is etching and watercolour.

You walk into the studio and Doreen is there working away, covered in ink, listening to Leonard Cohen. The PM feels like that must be the perfect life. The PM allows herself to buy one thing while away and it is normally art, pottery or jewellery. She would have loved to have bought another print, the wee-est one has one in her room but she settled on three cards. She would have had too hard of a time picking just one print anyway.

She is going to frame them and use them as the inspiration for her bathroom redo. She does that a lot, framing cards. That gives you the beauty of the art but on a limited budget. This is one of her favorites.

Now it will take her a few days to get her head out of the clouds, fantasizing that she too is an artist living on the sea. I tell her you have to find beauty in your back yard and be creative whenever you can.

All that deep thinking is really too much for me, I need a really long nap now.

We thought we would show you some pics from the PM's trip to Prince Edward Island this week.

Today we'll recap where the PM, the wee ones and the PM's sister's family spent most of their time.

On the beach...

... and on the beach some more.

The sand there is red but white on the other side of the island.

On the South Shore, the tide goes out sooooo far that you basically have to walk for a mile if you wanted to drown yourself.

This is how the beach looks when the tide is in and the water is swimable.

Goldie was supposed to do this post too and we were going to call it "Trip Tuesday" but he got all upset and took off outside. I found him under the linden trees rambling on about a photo he saw.

"There are no pets allowed, she said.
We would take you Goldie if we could, she said.
I knew I smelled something funny."

He told me he'll tell us about it tomorrow. I better go get the PM.

I am happy to say everyone has made it back from the big trip. A little cranky and tired but so HAPPY to see Shade and I.

I have to say I was very happy to see them too. I rolled and rolled for about half an hour and I think I may have sprained my purrer.

The Music Man was pretty good to us, for the most part but when the PM came in, he started telling outlandish tales.

Multiple yaks on the rug-hooked fish mat.
Refusal to come inside one night.
Increased amount of cat "arguments".

Lies... all lies.

Well, they are all packed up at getting ready to leave us. Gone for more than a week. :::SIGH:::

It won't be that bad, I guess. The Music Man has to work so he will be staying with us. Not the same as the PM but he'll do.

We have very sloooow dial up out here in the woods so I have lots of time to think while blogs and comments are loading up. I have taken to playing "the license plate game" with the crazy word verification non-words. I am going to share with you some of my favorites.

  • goajs-    Goldie owns a juicy snake.

  • yjmis-     You jump more in snow.

  • gsygom-   Goldie says, "go on, mouse". (in their dreams)

  • bgexy-     Big & Sexy (my personal license plate... if I drove)

  • swyayk-    Sway and Yak (warning on super fast cat swings)

I know, I have too much time on my paws. You should try it though. Kind of fun...in small doses. Let me know if anycat comes up with a real cool one.

Now I must get back to my overdose of attention.

See you all when I get back on the 28th!

Firstly, we got the Arte y Pico award from our wonderful new friends from France, Sen and Tom. Thank you so very much!!! It is such a beautiful award.

The PM is super busy cleaning, sorting and packing as they are getting ready to go to PEI for a week. The wee ones are very excited and are a tad hyper. There is always a week of stress before the week at the beach. Kind of defeats the purpose I think but whatever.

Goldie and I are taking advantage of the stress and doing things we really shouldn't do and getting away with it.

Here we are stretched out on the table.

I have the best spot for a change.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

23 Meows

A New Dad?

A New Dad?

Goldie~ I think we are getting a new Dad.

Shade~ What are you talking about? I think you ate too much catmint.

Goldie~ No, I heard the PM talking. She said she was in love and wanted to marry some other guy!

Shade~ I can't believe that. Who is it?

Goldie~ It's that Dyson fella.

Shade~ The guy who made our new sucky machine?

Goldie~ Yep, the PM loves him. She called him a genius.

Shade~ Really?

Goldie~ Yep.

Shade~ She never calls the Music Man a genius.

Goldie~ See? I told you. The Dyson guy is going to be our new Dad. What if he doesn't like cats?

Shade~ That's easy, We'll just suck him up with his sucky machine.

Goldie~ Right. Right. Good plan.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

20 Meows

Sunny Saturday

Sunny Saturday

We buried our friend, Sunny yesterday.

Sunny was from the city and lived with the PM's best friend. He was a gorgeous, kind and sweet bun who loved to cuddle and play. He just turned 10 this month. Can you believe that? A 10 year old bunny. The PM had bunnies growing up and the oldest lived for three years. Sunny must have really loved where he was living.

The PM and her city friends have an understanding that when their pets move on to the Bridge, that the PM would bury them out here. This gives her friends a lot of peace of mind, knowing their beloved pet will have a proper burial. This is the first time that we have had this honor.

We chose the perfect spot, on the edge of the field, next to our black walnut tree. You can't plant gardens around black walnuts as other plants don't like to grow around it so we knew the ground would not be dug up or disturbed.

We topped his grave with roses for all the love that he shared, daisies as they are his momma's favorite and some clover in case he gets hungry on the way to the Bridge.

I spend a few minutes with him in the breeze. Soon he will be running with the wild ones.

Shalom aleichem שלום עליכם

Sunny, you were truly loved and will be greatly missed.

We just found out that our friend Forest, was hit by a car and has gone to the Bridge. We are so very saddened by this and are sending purrs of support and comfort to Snow, Fairy, Leo and the rest of the family. Forest was a wonderful, special cat and will be greatly missed.

Some lillies for Forest, we will meet again.

No, it's not what you think. Not THAT type of hunting. A hunt for things mysterious and magical.

While the new sucky beast is running rampant though the house, I have taken to the outdoors for some fresh air and wandering.

I think I have stumbled onto something quite mystical.

I think some wild and rare creature lives there. A faery? A wee gnome? I stare at it for a while, wishing something would appear but they did not. Maybe they are off zipping through the forest aboard dragonflies.

Shhhhh. Don't tell Goldie of what I've found. I am afraid he would try to hunt them. He'd eat a faery I bet but maybe not a gnome. Pointy red hat and all.

Had a busy hot weekend. Not having any windows open makes for a real stifling house, especially upstairs. I spent a lot of time cruising the yard. Upon my return on Saturday, I was met with a new sight.

Looks like a nice cool treat maybe? Something refreshing?

No! It is another grass pollen allergy rule. This one involving Shade and I.

When we are outside I guess we get COVERED with this pollen stuff. Who knew? I never saw anything on me except for a slug or burdock. As soon as we come in, we have to get WIPED down with a wet cloth then brushed with a wet brush.

How totally uncomfortable is that!

THEN I have to spend about 26 minutes grooming to feel right again. They better not complain about all the hairballs that will ensue.

First off I would like to send out a big HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all of our furr friends south of the border. Have a wonderful day and don't be too scared of the fireworks!!!!

It has been a tad crazy around here. The wee lad has developed an allergy to grass. I didn't think that could happen but his eyes are all puffed up so I guess it is true. The new rules are no windows or doors open, no hanging clothes on the clothesline and vacuuming the mats daily. This goes against EVERYTHING we were doing so there is a little stress around here. The PM has to rewash anything that has been on the line and clean the house top to bottom. Due to that fact, I have been told we are taking the weekend off blogging. I can see her point.

Our sumac tree has grown HUGE this year and may soon overtake the house!

I love to lay under it as I can keep an eye on the house but relax in the shade.

I am having a little bath and then a leisurely nap.

I am dreaming of a way to help the little creatures of the field.

Oh no!!! It has changed into a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

Goldie is very proud of his hunting ability and I know he is a cat after all.

He recently got these two creatures in one morning.

A little shrew.

A sweet deer mouse.

I just think these animals would like to live to enjoy the summer too.

I don't kill anything, even if I had claws, I doubt I would. I am just not like that.

Sorry, little fella.

I wonder if Goldie would put up with Rodent Sensitivity Training?

First off, I would like to say HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!. The beans have plans for the day, parties on the waterfront and fireworks. Goldie and I will enjoy a little peace and quiet here at home.

Now for part deux of our quirky meme. The lady of the house's turn.

1. I like to sleep in the sink
2. When I first came to live with the folks, I would wake them up at night as I would be growling and hissing at the strange cat. It was me in the mirror.
3. I am extremely stubborn. Once, before the wee ones were here, the wee cousin was here for a visit. He sat in the chair I was laying on and was eating rice. I refused to move so I sat there with my ears all flat and my head covered with rice.
4. Sometimes my eyes look at tad buggy. When I came to live with the PM and MM, the Nanny came to stay with me while they went away. She called the PM all worried that I had eaten something bad as my eyes were that bugged out. She thought I was drugged.
5. I scratch the crap out of the couch even though I am clawless
6. I love the taste of soapy water straight from the bath even with my tail hanging in the water
7. Like to drink water dripping from the taps even though it is running over the top of my head
8. I adore potato chips
9. I don't like to hurt anything but I will pounce and mangle crickets and grasshoppers.
10. I don't like stinky goodness.
11. I don't jump anywhere except for our window seat, the beds and the kitchen table. Goldie jumps EVERYWHERE!
12. Most people think I am a boy.

Any one who wants to bare all quirks; consider yourself tagged!

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