First off, I would like to say HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!. The beans have plans for the day, parties on the waterfront and fireworks. Goldie and I will enjoy a little peace and quiet here at home.

Now for part deux of our quirky meme. The lady of the house's turn.

1. I like to sleep in the sink
2. When I first came to live with the folks, I would wake them up at night as I would be growling and hissing at the strange cat. It was me in the mirror.
3. I am extremely stubborn. Once, before the wee ones were here, the wee cousin was here for a visit. He sat in the chair I was laying on and was eating rice. I refused to move so I sat there with my ears all flat and my head covered with rice.
4. Sometimes my eyes look at tad buggy. When I came to live with the PM and MM, the Nanny came to stay with me while they went away. She called the PM all worried that I had eaten something bad as my eyes were that bugged out. She thought I was drugged.
5. I scratch the crap out of the couch even though I am clawless
6. I love the taste of soapy water straight from the bath even with my tail hanging in the water
7. Like to drink water dripping from the taps even though it is running over the top of my head
8. I adore potato chips
9. I don't like to hurt anything but I will pounce and mangle crickets and grasshoppers.
10. I don't like stinky goodness.
11. I don't jump anywhere except for our window seat, the beds and the kitchen table. Goldie jumps EVERYWHERE!
12. Most people think I am a boy.

Any one who wants to bare all quirks; consider yourself tagged!


TabbyNormal said...

Dear Shade,
You sound like a very interesting kitty! The bathtub drinking sounds so scary. I wanted to get in with my mom when she was taking a shower but then I discovered it was wet :(
You are brave!
Abby Normal

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Happy Canada Day Goldie & Shade! :)

Shade, we enjoyed learning more about you! Merlin loves potato chips, and both of us love playing with the water from the tap, but we don't like to drink it, because Munich water is hard and tastes horrible.

Ana said...

Happy Canada Day to all of you! Hope your beans have a great party!

hehe, you growled at yourself? That's really funny. Pumuckl loves to sit in front of the mirror, probably telling himself how beautiful and cute he is :-)

Anonymous said...

You are quirky, Shade! We would love to see a photo of your ears all flat and your head covered with rice! We hope that does not make you mad!

Deana said...

I've had friends that had kitties that liked to sleep in the sink but of all the wonderful cats I've had the pleasure living with me, I have yet to have a sink curler! I do have a bathtub drinker though.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

Hey! Most people think I am a boy too! How can you and I be more feminine?

Sweet Purrfections said...

Thank you for sharing your special quirks. Mom had a big laugh imagining the rice covered kitty. At least you had something to eat!

Parker said...

Happy Canada Day you two!
Don't feel bad Shade, people think I am a boy all of the time! I think it's my name, but, I'm OK with whatever you call me, just don't call me late for dinner!

Parker said...
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PB 'n J said...

Happy Canada Day to you both! We hope your beins have a great time!

Your quirks sure are fun - Bert likes to drink from the tap too, and he never seems to mind that his head gets all wet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shade,

Happy Canada Day to you Goldie and your beans.Thanks for doing the meme.
It was fun reading your answers I especially love #3

Daisy said...

Happy Canada Day!

I never tried a 'tater chip before. I think I will.

Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the quiet until the boomies start.
I can't believe beans think you're a boy. You're to pretty a lady cat for that! (and for the record, Goldie looks to Mancatly to be confused)

You're very brave to drink from the tub, there is water in there!

Tiggie FOC said...

Wow...and I thought Hart was quirky....

Liss said...

I'll try to work on this. Those are some nice quirks. I'm still new at this and have to ask, what does stinky goodness mean?

MaoMao said...

Happy Canada Day to you two!

Sleepin inna shikie sounds funsies. I like drinkin outta the bathtub and playin inna sinkie! I like lappin watur offa the bathmat aftur Momma or Daddy has taken a showur.

And that's funny that you like potato chippies -- I do, too, and Brainball loves loves loves peenuts!

And you don't like Stinky Goodness??????? WOWIE KAZOWIE!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

My Littel Island said...

iam JR MAN well happy day tu u we is having one the 4 of july the bean is cooking for all her growen bean and her grand beans but i dont think her is going to have time for us till bed time puff it is samtimes so hard to be a furbaby THE BEANS DONT THINK OF NOTHING BUT BEANS AND NOW they have gone NUTs and taking about COOKING BEANS WE will not eat beans okok thank u

Lux said...

My goodness, those are some pretty cool quirks indeed!

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Happy Canada Day to both of you~!

You are a very different cat~! I am very happy to know more about you!

dennis said...

Dennis says Hello lovely lady!!!

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