The PM is in hot water now!
 Last week she did a lovely 5 year Gotcha Day post for me and I truly am thankful but it was my 6TH Gotcha Day not fifth

O sure, she has her excuses but she has to make it up to me now.

Nip on demand and tuna juice parfaits are just the start!

To get in my good graces again, she has taken some gorgeous photos of my handsome apricot self this week.  Please enjoy while I get her to debone my salmon.

Hello furriends!!! 

 Today is my Gotcha Day and I have been out here in the woods for five years now.
I have nothing major planned for the day but having a nice, lazy snooze.

Fall is coming very quickly up here and some of the trees are turning red. Way too early I think!!!! The PM thinks so too since they are still painting the house!

The good thing about Fall arriving is the position of the sun. Since our house is passive solar, we haven't seen the sun at all for months! It is now crawling in, bringing with it many wonderful hours of warm nappage.

Feel free to come join us for some prime relaxation, plenty of room left!!

My family made it home finally!! They are home for only a couple of days though, then they are all off to Cape Breton to visit the MM's parents.  The Nanny is coming to stay with us so we'll be in good hands.

Apparently they had the best week ever on Prince Edward Island. They were on the beach daily and travelled to other sides of the Island so they were in white sand, brown sand and red sand! I would have loved to have had a whiz in all those sands!! 

Here's the PM on the red sand side.  She didn't want to go too close to the cliff but there is a limit PM!

The PM saw only a few felines while she was away.  Once when they were over at Dalvay by the Sea, they saw a couple taking their cat for a walk on a leash. They also found this cutie and her kittens at The Great Canadian Soap Shop

That's quite the 'stash ma'am!!!

Her kittens got to spend the day outside in the fresh air.

Of course they had to visit the goats.

I want to thank everycat who sent me their virtual fur for my re-fuzzing project. 

I hate to say it though but I may have done too good of a job on the floof as the day the PM was coming back I had a not so virtual hairball on my stripey bed. The MM had to wash the whole thing so now it is floofless and smelling way too fresh.

Oh well, I am just glad my lovelies are back home.

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