Monday, November 29, 2010

22 Meows

So it Begins

So it Begins

We had our first real snow over the weekend.  Pretty but chilly.

Also the decorating has commenced...

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border!!!

We had ours last month and enjoyed our display of Autumn  bounty next to our bed.

A month later, the bounty has turned rather crispy.

We are happy that the Holiday Decor will be making an appearance soon.

Enjoy your weekend all!

(This note is for all the folks out there~ read any good books this year? Jackie Morris, mum to the The Gingers is asking for book lists over on her blog Drawing a Line in Time)

We are back for good! 

The PM has finally realized that things are not going to slow down anytime soon and she is feeling the pains of not having any me time. She's running a secular group for homeschoolers up here that includes a yahoo group, a new blog she created and more work than she first thought. 

So she has decided to make things a little more simple, instead of trying to visit all of our friends each day we put up a post, we are going to try to visit 10-20 friends each day no matter if we have a new post up or not and try to post three times a week.  Does anyone else have any tips on managing your blogging time? 

We asked about our blogaversary in December as we normally have a giveaway or two of homemade goodies.  We also like doing a few Christmas kitty swaps but she said we can blog and we'll do our Christmas cards but that's it. 


We'll have to make do.

Our friend, the wood stove, has made dealing with all this frustration so much easier.

Yes, I am talking about you, big fella!

You and all your radiant goodness.

Sometimes I get too hot and have to air out the belly.

My bed is normally on the guitar cases off the rocks but I rather enjoy being so close and personal!

Wouldn't you?

Happy Gotcha Day, Banshee!!!

Hi furriends! It has been way too long! The PM has been super busy but at least she had the sense to remember my special day!  It has been two years that I have been living here and I am still lovin' it!

I invite you all to come over and celebrate with me!

The PM changed the upstairs around as the wee lass wanted her own room. It is pink and purple and very cosy! Purrfect for a nice nap pile! The wee lass even has a Maggie May print on her dresser!! 

Us calicos are so very pretty.

After our nice nap we can do some hunting! We are having some rodent issues here out in the woods and it is causing a bit of stress.  

First off we have the regular mice. We thrash around after them during the night and the PM hears them in the walls. Awhile ago the PM smelled "death" in the dining room and the MM was sent on a search while the PM was out with the wee ones. He found a corpse under the sideboard.  I was wondering where that little devil went.  Then we had a nest in the car! Every time the fan was put on, bits of fluff and grass flew out! The MM took it apart but nothing was found. Then one morning, while the MM was driving home after a night shift, a mouse crawled out through the vent and sat on the dashboard!! The MM thought he was hallucinating! He tried to get him out but he squeezed back into the vent. The next evening, the MM went to leave for work and the mouse was sitting beside the window so he opened the door and he ran out! 

Now the PM has found some rather large droppings in the attic and it is not mice! So, we have either rats or a squirrel living in there. We have seen both in the yard. The MM had to get all geared up and clean out the poo and we have some live traps set out to try and catch whomever is coming in. 

Our friend, Mr. Weasel, has been around too, probably after all the rodents. I wouldn't tango with him though, he's a tad vicious. He's pretty quick too! The PM tried to take his photo but he's wild!

Just yesterday the PM noticed someone has chewed a hole in the screen in the wood room. We keep that open to air out the wood we just put in there. Not anymore! 

Come join the chase!!!

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