We are back for good! 

The PM has finally realized that things are not going to slow down anytime soon and she is feeling the pains of not having any me time. She's running a secular group for homeschoolers up here that includes a yahoo group, a new blog she created and more work than she first thought. 

So she has decided to make things a little more simple, instead of trying to visit all of our friends each day we put up a post, we are going to try to visit 10-20 friends each day no matter if we have a new post up or not and try to post three times a week.  Does anyone else have any tips on managing your blogging time? 

We asked about our blogaversary in December as we normally have a giveaway or two of homemade goodies.  We also like doing a few Christmas kitty swaps but she said we can blog and we'll do our Christmas cards but that's it. 


We'll have to make do.

Our friend, the wood stove, has made dealing with all this frustration so much easier.

Yes, I am talking about you, big fella!

You and all your radiant goodness.

Sometimes I get too hot and have to air out the belly.

My bed is normally on the guitar cases off the rocks but I rather enjoy being so close and personal!

Wouldn't you?


Forever Foster said...

Oh my goodness, Banshee. That looks positively idyllic! What a fabulous way to stay toasty.

The Island Cats said...

Welcome back!! Banshee, we thought laying by our fireplace was nice, but yours is so much better...you even got a bed to lay in by the fire!!

The Monkeys said...

Mommy says that if you find a way to manage blogging and commenting, please let her know! We tend to post sporadically these days and our commenting depends on how much time Mommy has before work!

Your wood-burning stove looks heavenly!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oh goodness whiskers - that is a perfect place for your bed by the fireside - oh we are so jealous!!

Cory said...

Wow Banshee...you sure have a toasty tummy!

Mom says that sometimes she has to limit her time, meaning she gives herself an hour and she has to visit as many of my pals as she can during that time. Somedays she can't help me at all, but she tries to do the best she can. On the weekends she can catch up and sometimes she reads 3 posts and comments on only one of them.


Tama-Chan, Benny, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Heloise, Momo, Ryu said...

HURRAY! We are delighted as we have been missing you!±

It does look very comfy next to that wood stove!

The Chans (and Tommy too)

Kea said...

That wood stove looks like a slice of heaven to us!

As for the blogging and commenting...Nope, no ideas. The mom spends several hours a day at it and gets overwhelmed frequently.

Cat said...

Welcome back, it's nice to see you!!! That stove looks toasty and warm and a perfect place to snuggle in your catbed and snooze!

As for blogging, I usually try to post monday to friday and take the weekends off. The visiting is very time consuming but I try to do it everyday because I would miss everyone if I didn't. Your plan sounds good I hope it works out for you :-)

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

We are going to ask Santa Claws to bring us one of those fireplaces this year like you have!

Everyone is so busy we all just agree that we post when we can and comment when we can. We sure do understand! It just makes those posts and comments more special!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

Marg said...

Blogging really does take tons of time and I think you just have to do what suits you the best with your schedule. I think you have to have a good time doing it and so just do it as long as you are enjoying it. It is fun to see the other kitties. Lots of people only post 3 times a week.
Take care. Have a great day.

Katnip Lounge said...

We are all going to sulk as we don't have a wood stove!

Mommy takes 2-3 days off a week from commenting and only reads blogs to us. Her "me" time really cramps our style.

Cat with a Garden said...

Oh, how I wished I had a good furriend called The Woodstove too. That looks simply divine, Banshee. Any space for a silky and slender calico furriend left?

P.S.: I know all about busy moms, they are simply useless. Pffft.


We are so glad to see you back Banshee and we love the woodstove. Gee I wish we had one of those things in our house. Mom is 'retired' and she still doesn't have enough time to help us do all the visiting we would like. She does preplan her blog posts and if something happens she posts again if she has the time. Like last week when we lost both Inigo and Miss Patches. And Tavi is also sick and has been posting much. So you just do what you can! We like to think of it as fun! OH we do want to exchange cards with you -- Mom will email you for us.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are glad to see you back again. We love our wood stove too. There is no better place in winter.
We would like to exchange cards again this year. We still have your address from last year.

Mickey's Musings said...

Banshee,that wood stove looks pawsitively glorious!! Especially now,as it is snowing a little bit ;)
As for blogging, we went like crazy when we started, but now Mom has less time(she used to have a home job, but works away from home now)
We blog 2 times a week and visit during the week.Mom has other things she wants to do away from blogging(dang)
You blog when you want and as long as you like it :) It can never be a chore ,it has to be fun.
We like looking at pics of the kitties,we don't need fancy stories,heehee
Bottom line..do what makes you happy, we will still come visit!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Mr Puddy said...

Hooray !!!!! You are back !!!!

About blogging, We post everyday...because she is so crazy about me : )

For commenting, She do before go to work, break time , before cook the dinner. and after clean the dishes.
But sometime, she just can't visit all my friends because She works 8 hours a day full time job, at the end of the day. It can cause her brain dead . I means her translation system is about to shut down ( my mom is Asian ) so when my friend wrote a long long story, she start to get blind when she was tired.

Her tip might be
The long story one, she love to do in the morning or in the weekend.

I hope it help : )

PS: My mom said whatever you do, please organize time for family and time to play with your kid : )

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