It's Christmas!

And this is the day the pm and Wee ones did Christmas baking !

This is Green cherries hmmmmm

This is biscotti yummm!

My favourite snowman !

A diy wreath 

Me and my bro waiting for Santy Claus 

And this is a model pic of ME

And last years pic, Ive grown so much !

So Meowy Christmas!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

3 Meows

Christmas fun!

Christmas fun!

Since it's almost Christmas we are going to talk about our favourite things of the season! 

Banshee's favourite is hoarding toys under the christmas tree

You guys can look but don't dare to enter......

Banshee you look a little crazy!

Don't judge me!

Now Pixie and Goldie's favourite thing is............


When the PM, Music Man, Wee Lass and Wee Lad are snow shovelling they lay down these bathing blankets that they call 'towels' 

These bathing blankets are amazing!

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