Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Intervention~ by Shade

Intervention~ by Shade

Normally the furry eunuch will be handling these stories, I have way more imminent things to attend to, but there will be times when I'll need to step in for some clarification. We have had a chat about his hysteria. There are two times of year, outside time and inside time. I take this inside time to bask in the heat of the fire, find ample laps in which to curl and relax, relax, relax. He is way too hyper. There is a celebration approaching and I have found the best perch is on the lovely silver embroidered linen on the dining room table. They don't seem to happy with my decision but I am a lady of leisure, only the best will do. I am waiting in newly awakened anticipation for the outside tree to make it's appearance inside. That apricot fool will be sure to faint.


Libbys Blog said...

I laughed when I read this, you always pick the best places. lol!

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