Friday, January 4, 2008

A murder

A murder

The music man donned a pair of snowshoes and brought food out to the crows in the field. In a rush of black wings, claws and caws, a murder desended. They must have been hungry as we have had four snow storms in a week and the snow is thick and heavy. One rested for a moment on his favorite tree, full and happy. I worry sometimes about the forest creatures. I would share my food with them if I could just find some snowshoes to fit my paws. I wonder if there is a snowshoe hare around who is looking for some work.


The Lee County Clowder said...

In our experience, all you really have to do is put the food out on the porch -- the birds, possums, and raccoons will find it soon enough.

The Food Source leaves kibble out for any of us who visit outside, and any strays that might drop in. Most of the time, birds eat as much of it as any kittie.

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